Tuesday, 13 October 2020

It's been a while...

 Well hello!  Just a little update to say I'm still here.  What happened?  Nothing too drastic, just the creation of successful things that then became overwhelming and therefore somethings stopped, some went to the side and others flew (and are still flying).  Some of you followed me to the new projects, but I realised I didn't really tie things up here very well (I had hoped to maintain this site but I obviously didn't do a very good job!) There are still stories to tell, things to lookup, discoveries to share.  Is this the right place?  Time will tell, but there are some exciting things in the pipeline.  If you are an original CGM follower then just saying hello and hoping that you are well in these strange times!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Open letter to Instagram

"Hey Instagram,

You're a great friend.  I check in a few times a day and see what my friends are doing, see what people I have never met are eating for lunch in Paris, what outfit someone my height is trying on in America, what new items are arriving in my favourite stores, what cute poses or daft things several cats (and dogs) are doing....  I can even see fashion catwalks seconds after they happen.

I also post my own things... when I remember.  It's a great community and one I love being apart of.  Not too many adverts, some really supportive people (lets just side-step the troll issue that most forms of social media get nowadays).

However, there is one thing that I really feel you have room to improve.  You make the mistake of assuming that all of us only have 1 instagram account and only need access to post pictures to 1 account.  I know you have had trouble with spammers and inactive accounts, and removed a lots recently, so I understand that you might be quite apprehensive.  I just want to reassure you that 'it's ok'!  People might need access to more that 1 account for totally legitimate reasons.  The PR worker who manages several accounts, the business owner who wants to keep their personal life separate from their work life (and work streams), the blogger who might need access to a couple of accounts (maybe one for pet photos).....

If you only have one account then you wont feel my pain.  However if you have ever tried to use two accounts then I'm sure you can identify with my frustration!
Some of my captures.  Swatches, makeup, rainbows.. standard. (link)

While you don't ban us from having access to several accounts, you don't make it easy if we want to actually utilise several accounts.  Sign out from account 1, sign in to account 2, scroll, sign out account 2, sign in account 1... it's such a time waster and puts a lot of people off using the service just because of the time lost and the general awkwardness.

Take a look at Twitter.  They get a gold star.  They allow mobile users to log in to several accounts and easily swap between them with the tap of a button- non of this log out, sign in repeatedly rubbish!

I am sure you, being technological wizards, have the capacity to do this.  Even if you dont, then someone else can..... only you haven't released the API details, so no-one else can even attempt it.  There are apps which allow you to view multiple accounts, but none which allow a user to toggle between them AND upload/post to all of them.

It's such a shame, because you have a monopoly but you just aren't making the best use of it.  I hope that one day, you'll sort your issues out and create a better app- or resolve your trust issues and release the API.  At the moment it's sort of like you're the owner of a big park where you'll only let people visit on their own because of the size of the footpaths only takes single file.  You could improve the experience for everyone, but you'll need to spend a few pounds widening the footpath so people could visit and groups and socialise easier.

I'm hoping one day you'll make the experience a little easier for those of us who need to access, and post to, 2 or 3 accounts.  Then we can be total friends, not just acquaintances.  Best buds.  Chums. Insta-mates.  I'd like that a lot.

If you have the same problem/wish then add your support below and maybe instagram will consider revising the app!  Maybe someone has an alternative solution.  I tweeted about this the other week and it seems a lot of people have the same problem.  Fingers crossed 2015 will be the year instagram changes!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Cult Beauty Haul, Sunday Riley and FREE Goodie-bag!

Just a quick post today about an offer at Cult Beauty too good to miss... and a slight haul as a result! You know when you are working that much that you don't know when you will have time to eat, breath or sleep.... yes... Think London Fashion Week... only the fun lasts for a month!

Sunday Riley Good Genes (link)

This busy schedule has taken it's toll on my skin- and I physically feel exhausted.  So when payday rolled round I through I would treat my skin with a purchase from Sunday Riley- 'Good Genes' to be precise.  Now this is high end, there is no escaping that.  BUT there are parts of my skincare routine where I will splurge invest, and parts where budget options will do.  Longtime readers will know about my skin troubles, although I am probably overdue a skin update!  I also think I need to do a separate post on this product, but it certainly is a 'cult' favourite backstage at London Fashion Week (and many other fashion shows) and packs a powerful punch.

Read what is in the Cult Beauty Amazing Goodie-bag!

It just so happened that I had a code for some money off AND Cult Beauty are offering an amazing goodie-bag with purchases.  The goody bag alone is worth £170 and contains a few skin treats which I can't wait to try.  Mini sizes are great for travel too (which is very handy at the moment).  While I was putting in a purchase, I picked up an Anastasia Brow Wiz (link).  I have wanted to try this for ages, and my last brow pencil was a very budget option so I treated myself to see if I have been missing much.  I'm also curious to see how this holds up against the Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford versions.....

Brow Wiz? I'll let you know!

If you want more information, just click the links.  And if you want to ask questions about any of the products then just leave a comment below :)  Sorry it's a short post.  Hopefully things will ease off a bit in a few days :) 

Just a quick update that if you entered my last giveaway, please check your emails as I am having difficulty in contacting the winner.  I've had to redraw it so if this person doesn't get in contact then I will have to reallocate the prize again!

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Blogging 101: 8 tips for good commenting etiquette

Although I am not an expert, after 8+ years of being involved in the blog-osphere I have picked up a few things.  When I consulted people about what they wanted to read on Computergirl's Musings, I had a few replied that requested more tech and blogging content.  So here you are; the Blogging 101 series!  Today I am going to be chatting about the etiquette of blog commenting.

Thank you. Small words, big meaning.

1) Say 'Thank You'!  If you read a post and enjoy a picture, learn something new, find something to research, become inspired then, before you leave please say 'Thank you'.  It is a small word, and so often forgotten.  I always smile when someone says thank you, and I don't think I am alone in that one.  I also try to reply to any comments.

2) Use Social Platforms.  Make sure you're signed in with Google+, blogger dashboard, Disqus, Facebook etc!  When you comment, these platforms (if set up correctly) will notify you of follow up comments AND link back to your blogging profile.  If you are a blogger, then it is an easy way for people to find you.  Sometimes the blog doesn't allow these platforms, but has a space for your blog URL when you comment.

Pay It Forward.

3) Don't be selfish.  There is an old saying that 'people only get in touch when they want something'.  Well this is the blogger equivalent!  It is amazing how many people never leave comments, but suddenly come out the woodwork when the word 'giveaway' is mentioned! ;) If you are going to prey on a blogger's generosity, then spend a few minutes reading the blog, seeing what it is about.  Leave them a few other words of support on their blog.  Give them something back and pay it forward.  It will brighten their day, and maybe give you a few ideas of things to write in your competition entry.

4) Spam linking.  No I'm not talking about the badly written, nonsensical comments with links to 'magic pills', long lost relatives, or informing you of your lottery wins (in exchange for your bank account details).  I am talking about bloggers who leave thinly veiled comments with their URLS plastered in them.  If you have something to say, great, but if you are attempting to hide our homepage link in a comment then generally people will see through this.  Your commenting profile will normally link to your blog anyway (see point 2).  Now, if you are linking to a specific post, because you have read the post and think that it might help that blogger (or other readers) then linking a specific post is ok- it's not spamming, it is being helpful.  That is my take anyway, others might feel differently.

5) Re-read.  If you are unsure about spellings then Google is your friend.  If you are commenting in a foreign language, Google Translate is your friend.  If you are commenting on a phone or tablet, auto-correct is generally not your friend!  Auto-correct can be useful but make sure you reread it (especially on instagram where edit is not an option!)  I'm not perfect, so this is something I'm definitely working on!

6) For the love of blogging, please turn off the verification word things!  They are so annoying and completely put people off commenting.  You write a comment, click publish, it then asked for you to write a word off a tiny picture (which is really fuzzy and you can't read).  At the 20th attempt it accepts it, but your comment has been lost so you have to write it out again (but by this time you have forgotten what you said....).  Either set your comments to stay unpublished until moderated, or use the new 'I am not a robot' tick box system.  Say NO to word verification!

No.  Just ...... No!

7) Make it easy.  Lots of people ready blogs on the go using their phone or tablet, and subsequently can't comment easily without being signed in.  Even if they are signed in (and battle through auto-correct) then the comments can refuse to publish.  Make sure your blog has other ways they can show their appreciation.  Facebook has likes, Twitter has favourite... blogs can have tick boxes, or an easy rating system.  Just an easy way for you to gauge feedback without cutting out those who cant comment.

8) If you can't think of anything nice to say..... hold fire.  It's not tough is it?!  Seriously, I think all of us have nice- and helpful- things to say and whether it is on blogs, youtube, twitter, instagram.. anywhere on the internet, then a nice comment is appreciated.  You can be constructive, that is totally allowed.  However nasty troll comments are not.*  More to the point, these comments do not go away.  Ever.  Computers don't forget (and humans don't always have thick skin).  Either way, nasty comments are not clever.  If you really can't think of anything nice to say then maybe reread point 1, click the box and type!
Love and Light.

What are your tips for commenting etiquette?  What platforms do you use?  As always, I love to read your comments and thoughts!

P.s. Don't forget my giveaway closes this weekend.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! 2015 New Year Blog Update.

Computergirl's Musings will turn 6 this year (6!!), and enter it's 7th year of blogging.  As you can imagine, a lot of things have changed during that time, and it is only right that CM evolves too.  What started as a skincare diary (which trialed products for 30 days), branched into beauty and then lost its way a little.  I did a bit of consulting last year and tried to find what people thought CM covered and where it should move next.  2015 is the year things change a little, and return to their roots.


If you have visited recently, then you may notice the design has had a few changes, which hopefully aid clear streamlined quick navigation.  I can now display larger images, and have removed some elements which slow the page down.  The header has also changed and represents this blog a little better.  5foot10 (my other blog) has also had a face lift.  It started as a side project for things that didn't fit on here, and then things got a little messy.


Here is how I hope things will work from 2015 onwards;

Computergirls' Musings is where you'll find; 
Makeup, beauty, skincare,reviews releases, blogging, tech etc

Meanwhile head to

Fashion, lifestyle, vintage, food, travel, interviews, style inspiration, decor, general makeup etc

5foot10, is for people of all heights (although I am personally 5 foot 10!).

Both blogs have individual twitter, instagram, pinterest, facebook and bloglovin pages and I'd love to connect with you!  (I am on twitter a lot!).

Also don't forget my current giveaways here and on 5foot10, plus a current blog sale!

If you have any thoughts or feedback then I'd love to hear from you.  I'll review it later in the year and see how it is working! 

Little Blog Sale: Mac, Illamasqua, La Roche Possay, Estee Lauder, benefit etc

You know the drill.  Streamlining the collection, skincare shake up etc so selling a few things for a small price.  Perfect for testing.  All purchased by me- no PR samples!

1) Paypal only. (Gift Payment would be nice so I dont have to pay fees!)
2) Leave a comment below with the item(s) name, your country and email address.  If you'd rather email me privately, that is fine.
3) Please email/comment even if someone has reserved the item you want.  If payments are not made in 24 hours I'll go to the next person and so on.

Items will be sent via UK Royal Mail 2nd class recorded delivery.  If you buy two or more items I will package together and pass the postage discount on to you.  Postage will be between £1 approximately £4 depending on the size of the parcel (which will depend on what you buy).  I'll email you the details for your approval.

1) Estee Lauder Pure Colour lipstick on 03 Nude Velvet Matte. Gorgeous brown nude. Swatched x 1 £6
2) MAC Colour Crafted Lipstick (Frost) LE and perfect for spring/summer. Slight mark on bullet where I caught the lid.  Peachy pink with a bit of shimmer.  Used x 2 £6
3) Illamasqua Explode lipgloss- swatched once.  Light and with a slight pearl sheen.  £3
4) La Roche Possay Effaclar M Matifying Moisturiser (info).  (Cult product for those with oily skin.  Box has wear where price label was).  Pea sided amount used. £4

 5) 3 x pencils; £5 bundle
 Natural Collection (Olive?) Eyeliner. Swatched x 1
 Illamasqua medium pencil for eyes and lips in Cane. Swatched x 1 and sharpened to sanitise.  Perfect for tight lining to give the effect of wider/brighter eyes.
 NEW Barry M dual ended Silver and Gold eye pencil 
6)NEW Jemma Kid I-define volumising Mascara. £2
7) Mac OAK Lipliner (a great nude, perfect for 'Kylie J' lips). Used x 1 and sharpened to sanatise £7

 8) Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette in Extravagant Gold.  Used about 3 times, and sanatized.  Four different gorgeous gold soft eye shadows, surrounding a dark brown (liner) shadow. £10
9) NEW. Clinique eyesadow quad (Frosted Blossom, Buttermilk, Bewitched, Blue Lagoon). stupidly caught my nail on the blue shadow so there is a small mark.  £2
10) No 7 Sultry Eyes Palette.  Slightly lighter than the picture. 2 purples, one mauvey colour and a pinky highlighter.  With sheen and shimmer. Used 3 times £5

11)NEW Ahava Deadsea Waters Body Lotion 40ml £2
12)Benefit Skinny Jeans Creasless Cream eyeshadow.  Used about 4 times- dip/useage shown.  £3
13) Eyeshadow bundle; £4
  Coastal Scents Hot Pots S06 (Cranberry) S38 (Brown nude with slight shimmer). Used x 1
  Collection purple shadow (new)
  No 7 Stay perfect Comet eyeshadow (dark grey with a bit of shimmer- similar to bourjois). Used x 1
  Rimmel Colour Rush Mono in 060 Bronzed. Swatched x 1

 L-R (Uk postage only)
14) Two polishes; £2.50
Eyeko Disco Polish (fine silver glitter) for night time nails. Used x 1
(4th from left) GOSH Holographic Nail polish (silver colour with holograph). 3/4 of bottle left (
15) NEW Kate Spade Nail Inc Soho Silver £4 (second from left)
16) Nails Inc Victoria Polish. Swatched x 1 £3
17) Two polishes; £2
NEW Rimmel Long Lasting Nail Colour in 193 Black Cherries
No7 Stay Perfect Polish in Temptress. Used x 1

Thanks for looking!  Any questions, just email or comment!  Fancy winning some nail transfers or temporary tattoos? (link) or a Fiorelli bag? (link)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tattoo talk and Giveaway: Skin art Temporary Skin and Nail Tattoos

Chanel made temporary tattoos 'cool' for a grown up generation a couple of years back, and they haven't really left the market since.  I like the idea of tattoos, freedom of expression and having some unique art on you for life.  People normally have a reason for getting a specific tattoo, but sometimes they just like a design aesthetically.  One of my secret pleasures is watching Tattoo Nightmares where they cover up people's unwanted tattoos while (comically) reconstructing the stories behind them (clue- there are a lot of drunk people getting tattoos they later regret!).  (UK people can watch it on TruTV).

Just add water.

I am far too indecisive to stick to one design, hence I have never taken the plunge and 'gotten inked'.  I sometimes feel that tattoos used to be seen as 'the alternative' thing that a small minority of people had (and there was initially a stigma attached due to many convicts having tattoos as identifying marks).  Nowadays people from all walks of life have them, so I sort of feel that I am in the minority by not having a tattoo.  Maybe if I have a profound life event then I would commit to a design and a reason, but for the moment I am happy to dabble in temporary tattoos and henna- and of course appreciating other people's artistic flair.
Designs range from dandelion clocks to stars, birds and bracelets.

Temporary transfer tattoos are perfect for anyone who, like me, can't settle on a design or the full commitment of a tattoo.  Maybe your job means you cant have a tattoo, maybe you want to try one out before you commit to a life long branding.  Maybe you are allergic to the ink, or just not in a financial position to get a tattoo?  I see temporary tattoos in a similar category as nail polish and hair dye- great to use for a few days for a change.  If you attend any festivals, you have probably seen loads of temporary tattoos on people without realising they weren't permanent (there are generally temporary tatt booths at every festival nowadays).  They can look very realistic.  No needles involved, just water and cotton wool (but always do a patch test first)!

I have 3 packs of temporary skin art transfer tattoos for skin and nails to giveaway.  I meant to do this in a series of pre-Christmas giveaways, but didn't get round to it- keep your eyes peeled for other giveaways on the blog this half of the year. 

This is an international giveaway.  Entry is via the widget below!  Simply make sure you are subscribed to this blog, and leave a comment.  If you want to double ot triple your chances then there are a few other things you can do (subscribe via other methods and follow via twitter/tweet).  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am also giving away a Fiorelli bag stuffed with lots of goodies.  If you want to be in with a chance of winning this then just visit my fashion and lifestyle blog (link)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Sale (& Tom Ford)

I can't believe I haven't spoken about Charlotte Tilbury Makeup.  I actually spent (nearly) an entire day with the Tilbury Team and Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends) (and Ruth's mum) a bit earlier in 2014- I'll have to post a few things on that... I thought I would share a few items from my Charlotte Tilbury Collection in case it helps any of you who are looking to purchase discounted Charlotte Tilbury makeup in the sale (yes they are on sale- links below).
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat, The Retoucher and K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick.

The Retoucher (link) Normally £25 now £22.50
It looks like YSL Touche Eclate, (the cult product) BUT it is so much more.  It is a concealer AND highlighter.  Not only does this hide bags under your eyes, it can also be used round the nose, on your cupids bow, cheek bones as a highlighter AND as a concealer on blemishes.  It's handbag friendly and thankfully the lid has been foolproof so far (I hate it when products open in your bag and then collect all the lint from the bottom of your bag).  It also has beautiful rose gold packaging.  It's a winner for me, and one to add to your basket.

Lipstick in Coachella Coral (link) Normally £23 Now £20.70
This is really a spring and summer colour, but I thought I would include the lipsticks in this post as I have been really impressed by the formulation.  I haven't tried the matte ones (yet) but I loved seeing this beauty in my bag.  It's part of the ingenue look, which is overall neutral and natural.
Charlotte Tilbury Coachella Coral Lipstick.

Lip Cheat in Pink Venus (link) Normally £16 Now £14.40
Charlotte Tilbury is all about glamour, so pencils and sticks are a must.  I don't reach for lip pencils on a daily basis as I never wear them with lipgloss or balm.  However when I want a polished look then defining the lip is a must.  Lip liners help prevent your lipstick bleeding onto your face (bleeding/feathering lipstick can make you look a bit drunk).  I also use them to to create a base all over the lip, to help my lipstick stay on longer.  Matching your lip liner to the lipstick colour can be tricky, so sometimes I just treat myself and let the sales assistants/ makeup artists match it to the lipstick I am purchasing.  (I did a post a couple of years ago all about lip liners link)

I can't find my eye shadow quads to photograph, but the shadows are soft and pigmented.  I don't think there is a dud in the pack.  I've also used the skincare and have to say that Charlotte's magic cream lives up to it's name.  Normally a small fortune, but similarly reduced (link).

It's also worth noting that the Tom Ford lipsticks are also reduced.  These are pricey normally, and still an investment in the sale, BUT £33 or £26 instead of nearly £40 is a big difference!  Everyone I chat to says TF lipsticks are THE ones to have, and I have been impressed with them- however the price is a sticking point.  That's what sales are for ;)

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury or Tom Ford products?  Have you found any good sales?

Friday, 26 December 2014

What I'm shopping in the Christmas Sales

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  It was a quiet but busy one for me.  Lots of people over, so today I am resting and making the most of.... internet shopping!  I *may* have made a few purchases.  I love reading blogs posts to see what bargains other people have picked up, so I thought I would share some of the things I have picked up (plus a few fab deals I have found while scouring the internet sales).

Lush 50% off items over 21 days old, plus all their Christmas range.  Lush Snow Fairy smells so good and at just over £10 for the snow fairy gift box, it's a winner! (I really like the fairy bath wands that you can reuse several times).

SpaceNK is always a top sale destination for me.  They carry some great products (normally with nor-so-great prices.  Previously I have picked up a lot of Laura Mercier body souffles cremes (as well as a bit of makeup).  SpaceNK online sold out of the bath souffle kits on Christmas Eve, but they still have some good Laura Mericer makeup including the great Artists Palette for Eyes and Cheeks at just over £20 (great for overnight trips).  They also have some bargains from Becca too.  I've now stacked up a few indulge rewards which I will probably put towards some replacement Emma Hardie/Sarah Chapman both of which my skin love.

Sometimes sales are about stalking an expensive product and splahsing out.  House of Fraser have reduced TONNES of Sisley products.  You can find their cult Black Rose Creme Mask (link) as well as lots of blush, eye pencils, lipsticks, skincare, haircare and tools.  Worth a look! (link).  Don't forget your reward points!  

I'm a huge fan of Lancome's Hypnosis mascara, so I purchased one in sale at Debenhams for £10 (link).  It defines, lengthens, adds drama- everything a mascara should.  They also have a kit with an eye-makeup remover and pencil for £15- well worth it considering the mascara alone is normally around £21

I'm also incredibly tempted by Cult Beauty's 15% off (until midnight Sunday) as I really want to try Anastasia's Brow Wiz because I have heard excellent things about it.  (For those of you that haven't come across this product, you can view it here).  Have you tried this product?  What do you think?  If you want the discount, just use the code FRIENDS15.

If you have found any great deals, please let me know.  I tend to save up and hit the sales, but always online.  You wont catch me queueing in the cold outside Next/House of Fraser/ from 2am boxing day morning!  No! Life is too short (and cold!) so I'd rather have a glass of sherry and buy things online while watching a film in my pajamas!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Freebie! Free Topshop lipstick

I know! Two posts in one day- this was too good to miss! While stocks last, and with every purchase when you use the code below.  I have a few Topshop lipsticks.  I am not sure I hope posted on them but there are a few nice colours in the range.  Certainly worth using the code if you are placing an order (and don't forget that you can get 10% off with a student discount code).  The Matte Lip Bullets are good too- so you could effectively buy one product, get one free.
All you need to do is visit Topshop online (link) and use the code TSLIPS at the checkout.  Best be quick! Only valid while stocks last!

Don't forget my blog sale and giveaway!

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