Monday, 14 September 2009

Life Overhaul- OUTS and INS

I have been on a few hauls recently, and have a few more to come.  I have had a few turning points in my life recently and have either put (or lined up) nearly all my clothes, makeup, general junk...on to ebay, into charity shops or to be recycled.

Some of these turning points are good, others are scary.  I don't think there is anyone in the UK who hasn't been made redundant or known someone who has lost their job recently.  It makes you think- and I have been spending a lot of time following my dream.  I don't want to wake up in 30 years time and wish I had taken a leap and stepped outside to take a look around.

Anyway, part of this has been re-evaluating my life, my possessions, my wardrobe, my style.  My parents have always wanted me to be a bit more adventurous and have bought me a few of these items :D


OUT (with the negative)
  • Stretched Tshirts, strappy tops and trousers that I have had for 10 years (Recycle bag)
  • Socks that I like the design of, but have worn through against my trainers (Bye bye hello kitty socks :( Recycled)
  • Items 6 months+ that I have bought but not worn/used (some still have tags) (Ebay)
  • Items that I have worn/used once that are over a year (ebay)
  • Items that I think I'll 'grow in to' or 'just need to be altered' (ebay)
  • Items that I have worn less than 5 times in 1 year (Charity shop)
  • General items that are not sentimental, used daily or monthly (charity shop)
  • Makeup unopened (ebay), liquids over 6 months and powders over 1 year (recycle/bin)
  • Wearing trainers all the time! (Kept for sporadic use)
  • Chaos and Mess, Fear and Negativity! (Bin)
IN (with the new)
  • Good skin! Mixture of new diet, facial care AM and PM and no picking/scratching!
  • New make-up- colours that compliment and that arent my normal 'safe rut' products.
  • Making the most of me- colours, shapes. I realised that I am not making the most of me and that I should or one day I will wake up and have short grey hair, wrinkles and no legs for skirts!!
  • Being more organised and seeking opportunities.  No-one will make them happen for me.
  • New clothes that suit this new transition.  My school, college, and uni days are in the past and I cant dress like a student all the time (maybe for days off!).  Some of my clothes I had had for 10+ years.
  • Accessorising.  I have them, but i just look at them.  Time to organise them in an accessible way and USE them and feel COMFORTABLE with them.
  • Shoes that fit and wont damage me and that aren't 6" high. 2" is a good height for me (and toe friendly)
  • Clothes that fit me.  Or I wont buy them- not even just because they 'nearly' fit and I'm fed up!
  • Positivity, routine, investment purchases and self-confidence.

So that is my personal outs and ins.  I did the Outs first to get rid of them.  This wasnt supposed to be a self help post- it start out as a haul post!  I'll do a haul post after this one.  I have never been a huge shopper (I'd like to be at times but I'm a strange shape and by bank and conscience would hate it)... but I have been guilty of getting things that don't fit properly because of the lack of choice- and then feeling uncomfortable and not wearing them.

This is a new start.  The caterpillar is changing.  The butterfly is ready.


  1. Ooh these kind of posts always inspire me! I really want a wardrobe overhaul- I'm so sick of all my stuff, especially my dull work clothes!xx

  2. @Daisy Woops! Sorry! To be fair, my overhaul is about 9 years overdue! I have dull work clothes too, but some pretty ones. I am goign to mix it up it more now though- and use accessories more to brighten things. Thanks for stopping by :)xx

  3. Go for it girl, you'll have so much fun doing this all. Inspired to make my own list.

  4. I liked this post :) I have just realised I don't know how old you are, sorry for not knowing!

  5. @Eliza- do it! I tag you to start a Life Overhaul OUTS and INS!x

    @Louise Thanks :)
    It's ok- I don't think I have said, but I left uni a couple of years ago so I'm mid 20s (although I dont feel like it!!) I'll do a little getting to know me post soon although I am wary about posting too much personal info on the internet for the world to see!!x

  6. Yeah I understand :) The only things I haven't said is my last name, my birthday ( thanks to you (: ), my phone number & my address.


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