Friday, 2 October 2009

30DSC: Phase 2

My quest for clear, healthy skin continues.  I might not continue doing 30 day blocks, but I'm keeping the name at the moment.

Phase 2:

Clinique 3 Step Anti-blemish kit.

Contains anti-blemish solutions;
Cleansing Bar for Face and Body
Clarifying Lotion
Clearing Moisturizer Oil-Free

This is fairly similar to their other 3 step kits (which I am a fan of).  For more information see and click on the skin section, then anti-blemish.  These items retail from around £10-£40 depending on whether you buy a kit or individual items.

I went to the Clinique counter and they did a skin test on me before I ended up with this set.  Hopefully this means that it will be the best option for my skin.

I will also be using MD formulations Skin Perfection Gel
Part of Bare Escentuals, I picked this up at a local salon.  It can be used 1-3 times daily on affected areas.  It has been sat in a box for a while, but I am looking forward to giving this a spin.  It retails for around £17-30 in the UK.

So, this is phase two.  I have a few other products that I will continue to use.  It will be interesting to see how this compare to my £5 tea tree oil/clearasil option.

Have you tried either of these and what did you think?

Have a great Friday night!

P.s. One more subscriber to go until my 30 subs contest!


  1. MD Formulations is really really good stuff, in fact they say the skin renewal complex needs to be used twice a day but I only have to use it once a week to see results. I haven't used the product you have but I was impressed with the brand. Good luck x

  2. Hi Sarah, Thanks for the comment. I didn't knwo much about it when I bought it, and have onyl just opened it after finding it at the back of my drawer.

    I am starting with once a day (at night) as it does make my skin a bit weird, but hopefully it is doing good.. and helping ot get rid of the deep impurities. IK!

    Thanks, will keep you upated (as I;m sure everyone want to see my photos of my yuck skin!!


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