Friday, 2 October 2009

30DSC Update: Phase 1 complete (Clearasil)

I challenged my self to a 30 Day Skin Challenge, to try and sort out my spots, scars and blotches.

Click here to see the original post.  I have updated a few times because I have changed the routine.

After 30 days of Clearsil Pads, here is how it is looking.

Is there any difference?  Well I think the pores are smaller and my skin is softer.  I have had less breakouts, but I still have blackheads and the little white pimples under the skin.  My skin also seems to look a bit less sallow and dull, but maybe that is just me being hopeful?

I think some of it is deep set, so it will get worse before getting better.  (which makes leaving it alone harder)!

I have oily skin so I have been avoiding using bio oil too much (unlike my original statement).
I have been using the pads morning and evening.  I have also been using a light moisturiser when needed (with SPF in as this treatment strips the oils and exfoliates the skin).  I have also used an asprin mask a few times, and Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel blackhead gel mask (lots of fun!).  Click on the tags at the side to read more about these products.

I stress that this is by no means a scientific test.  I have combination oily t-zone and chin skin.  It can get really oily and is affected by diet and hormones.  I am in my mid 20's so I sometimes feel to old for Clearasil- like I need something gentler.  I have used 60 pads (2 a day for 30 days)  I have a couple left for 'emergncy' use.  However I will now move to phase two, which I will explain later.

For now though, do you think there is improvement?  I know this is just my chin but it was easier and less yucky to post a photo of that!


  1. Hey Computergirl, try out my drugstore regimen to clear up your acne. It's based on a book by dermatologists, and it works wonders for me whenever I have breakout. The whole key is to cleanse your skin thoroughly, and then when you use benzoyl peroxide, apply a pack of ice on your face for 10 min. It will help A LOT. Here's the full post:

  2. Hey Thanks for the advice. I already have some items which I am going to work my way through, but I will try and fit things into that routine. I dont think I have seen some of those products in the shops here, but i'll keep an eye out. I have never thought of putting ice on my face, but I think that makes adsolute sense.

    Thanks for the advice... I will let you know how I get on! :)

  3. The pics are in different light so it's hard to see if there's a difference. In the recent pic it looks like the skin is smooth but the redness suggests more breakout is likely to appear, think you're right when you say it's deep set.

    I suffer from intermittent severe breakouts on skin other than my face, namely my underarms and legs and I swear by the tea-tree range for it. Most brands (clearasil etc) just aren't strong anough for me, but the tea-tree oil in the body shop range helps a great deal. I should also say I've tried direct application of tea-tree oil stings like a b1tch so don't do it!

    L Wade xxx

  4. @LRWade, It feels smoother, and there do seem to be less blackheads which is good. I do love my Tea Tree too. I feel a lot happier with natural products. Ihave some Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel products which I like using, but I feel that I need to do some deep cleansing to get rid of the deep stuff. Thanks for commenting :)
    Oh year, I find neat tea tree dries me out too much, so I get dilute from Superdrug. Great for insect bites, stings and spots. Natural antiseptic.

  5. hya, i kinna have skin similar to yours and i think finally, ive found a skin care routine that works and its down to the neutrogena 2 in 1 cleanser mask which you might like to try and also the famous st ives apricot scrub twice a week.
    thats what it looks like. you've probably already tried/seen this but i think so far, it seems to be working with me
    good luck with all your testing etc i hope you find a solution xox


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