Friday, 30 October 2009

Last day to enter my giveaway

Last day to enter my giveaway!
All you have to do is;
Be a subscriber and comment below for one entry
Post on your blog about the competition for a second entry into the prize draw.

Winner will be selected at random and will get to choose a number of prizes from the prize haul.

Prize haul includes Revlon moisture lipsticks in Plum Brandy (new), Revelon moisture lipstuck in Sugarplum (new), Rimmel Bronzed eye shadow (new), Boots tights in electric blue (new), false eyelashes (new), Sactuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub (new), Sauna Strawberry Face Mask (new), travel samples of Herbal Esscences shampoo and conditioner (new), cute braceletsin pink (new), travel sample of St. Ives Apricot Scrub (new) and some other things.  Depending on where the winner is then I will be offering some surprise items consisting of more jewellery, make-up, nail polishes, body products, hair products.  The winner will get to pick a number of prizes which I will then send out to them.

I have had no entries for the creative competition (where you make a day eye and then change it to an evening eye).  I have pointed this out before but still got no enteries.  I said I would only run this if I got 3 or more enteries.  If this part is not able to run then I will just hold another random giveaway instead.

Click here to see the original post.

Competition closes 11:59am tomorrow!
Good luck.


  1. Oh it seems that you haven't found my entry:( I made a comment in an original post with a link to my entry of your creative contest :)

  2. Hi Sugar, I have just found your entry. Thank you! It wasn't there when I wrote and saved this post so sorry I should have checked again before I posted! Thank you so much for taking the time to do the post. I've had other say they were entering so hopfully they will.
    Thnak you for posting nd bringing my attention to it :) Emma

  3. Hi, heres my entry, sorry its so short notice


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