Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Lucious Locks in Birmingham from Aussie :): FOTD

A little while ago I contacted Aussie to ask if they test on animals- which they responded to with a no.  Skip forward a little while and I received an invitation to an Aussie Pamper Evening last Saturday at Bad Apple Hair in Birmingham.  I have had a bit of a rough time lately so a bit of relaxation and pampering seemed like the perfect tonic!  I know a few others have written about Aussie recently, but this in my story of the day- shopping, doughnuts and hair :)

I invited my mum and a friend called Vicky.  Unfortunately my mum had something come up very late notice and had to pull out.  I had a bit of a commute but left home extra early as I wanted to find the salon in good time.  It was very close to New Street Station and I found it very easily.

It was so hard finding ways to kill time pre-event in Birmingham city centre.  I wandered up and down New Street 20 times... Just joking!  I am not that mad!!  First port of call was House of Fraser as I have a gift card and wanted to check out the Homeware Department.  Of course I just had to go through the beauty counters and it would have just been too rude not to stop.....

It was your average Saturday afternoon.  Quite a few young girls messing around with no intention of buying which meant I couldnt get near the Benefit counter for swatches.  I managed to scope out a few other products before headign up to the homeware where nothing caught my eye.  It all seemed large furniture, and not many smaller accessories.  I did not want to carry furniture around all day!

After this I dipped in and out shops visiting Superdrug to view the Sleek palettes (which are not in my local Superdrug yet), Mac and the Bullring.  At the latter I just had to purchase a krispie kreme doughnut for the train ride home.  I'll do a seperate post on my purchases- not the doughtnuts though. All gone..sorry!!.

So off to Bad Apple Hair  We were greeted by the lovely Lydia and Emma from 1000 heads and a glass of bubbly.  This was all I needed to relax!

The Salon is the quaint Burlingotn Arcade.  It is sheltered, but only a few meteres off the high street.  Inside the salon bends in an L shape providing a seated recpetion area where we had drinks and nibbles, and the magic hair area where we were pampered!  From what I remember the 'hair' area has floor to ceiling mirrors which really opened up the space and allowed us to really watch what the stylists were doing.  I hate it when the mirror is so small that you cant see what is going on!

My stylist was Katie, who was very friendly, chatty and lovely.  She instantly looked at my faceshape and hair and made a few recommendations- exactly what I want from a hairdresser.  I felt very safe in her hands.  My hair hasnt been cut for at least 6 months, but she gave me a few bits of advice for my next cut (which was today!). 

Emily then took me to wash my hair with Aussie products.  Sometimes I find having my hair washed can be uncomfortable, but I zoned out a few times which shows that I was relaxed!  Her massage was very relaxing and I could have quite happily of sat therer for another twenty minutes!  I also liked the way she wrapped my hair in a towel.  It sounds a bit odd, but she sort of folded it and tucked it.  Anyway, I am used to having to hold my own towel on my head, or having a twisted turban- or even no towel in some occassions!  She used Lucious Long 3 Minute Miracle and Lucious Long Shampoo.  It smelt really good!

Katie blow dried my hair so that is had great lift on the roots and crown, but then accentuated the natural curl at the ends.  You can judge for yourself in the pictures!  I love it!!  Check out the curl at the back in this photo!  I was also very impressed by the way my hair didn't look 'fluffy' or show my ragged ends too much.  Its amazing what a few products and a good stylist can do.  Eeryone commented on how healthy it looked! (Even with 6 months of split ends?!).  Vicky had a colour treatment done on her hair, and it really added volume and shine.  You cant see the back in the photo but her hair was really textured and then shaped rounder her face.

So off to drink more bubbly, eat great food and chat to all the other bloggers and guests.  All too soon I had to go and catch my train.  On the way home I ate my doughnuts while hiding from the drunk people trying to instigate a singalong to Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler).

My boyfirend told me that I looked like I should be in Hollyoaks.  I think that is his way of paying me a compliment rather than saying I'm a drama queen!!  I hope.

My hair really kept the curl and shine the next day.  I felt really pampered and lifted.  If anyone is near Birmingham then I would checkout the bad apple website if you want a bit of pampering!

Thanks to Emily, Katie, Lydia and Emma for making me feel special!

BTW: Top and Cardi Topshop. Necklace vintage.  Makeup is a mixture of Bodyshop, Mac, Bourjois and Estee Lauder (not that you can see!).


  1. Aww sounds like you had a brilliant time. Top girlie fun. I love Aussie products, they always work a treat.


  2. Funny thing is, Aussie is not available in Australia!! What gives huh? But you and your friend look so cute in the picture! I love getting my hair done also!

  3. @ Eliza, yes getting pampered is always fun- and certainly doesn't happen enough in my book!

    @BV Really?! That is really funny!! Thanks for the kind words. It was nice to have a bit of special treatment! :)

  4. Sounded like a wonderful day! Did you find out if Aussie uses cruelty free ingredients by any chance or just that their products aren't tested? xxx

  5. Hi Jasmine, the response I got from Aussie was that they do not carry out testing on animals and that the products are made from synthetic ingredients or vegetable derived ingredients. The one reply I got was quite wordy but I hope that helps.

    I had heard from a friend that they tested on animals and wanted to clear it up. I admit I am not as clued up as some on the subjects, but once I find out facts I do my best to adjust my routine accordingly to withdraw support for unnecessary suffering.

    I hope that helps :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog xxx

  6. @Louise thanks :D I certianly kept swishing it around for the remainder of the night! x


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