Friday, 30 October 2009

Review: L'oreal Eye Make-up Remover

I have nearly finished my bottle, so before I recycle the empty bottle I thought I would put my feelings here.

It is a light blue liquid promoted as 'Gentle eye make-up remover'.  It only has a light fragrance.  The lid twists off in just over half a turn and this has caused problems because it has opened in suitcases and boxes before!

Day Performance: I normally put some on a make-up pad and then swipe it over my lids.  With day make-up (i.e. a light base, shadow colour and mascara) it removes quite a lot of the visable powder,but I always feel that my base it still there.  I have found it removes 75% of day mascara, meaning I always have panda eyes in the morning.

Evening Performance: Judging by the day make-up performance you can guess what I am going to say about the how the product performs with a heavier mascara/eyeliner/shadow/highlighter.  It sucks.  I have sat there with two soaked pads on my lids for a minute and still it has not removed all of the make-up.  I am reluctant to scrub my delecate eye skin- especially under the lower lashes.  This products has never removed all of my eye make-up and the result of 2-3 coats of mascara= big black panda eyes in the morning!

Other points: Apparently L'oreal is one of the worst companies for animal testing.  Is this really needed in this day and age?  If you want to read more then just google animal testing and L'oreal.  This information makes me really uncomfortable.  I hate the thought of animals suffering for my vanity.

Verdict:  I won't be repurchasing this product.  Even if L'oreal stopped testing on animals then I still wouldn't repurchase this product.  It just doesn't work for me.  I am sure there are better products ad I will continue my search.  Yes it felt cooling on the eye when I used it, but so do night eye creams.  What should I try next?

Price:around £2:50 should you be mad enough to try it!
Find it at: Every high street chemist.

Your Turn: If you use this product, have anything to say about it, or even a recommendation for a replacement one then please leave a comment.  If you want more information on good and bad companies then just google animal testing and the company or got to PETA.  I am not 100% clued up, but I am learning which companies I do not wish to support.  Obviously who you buy from is up to you and your conscience!

What make-up remover should I try next?


  1. Completely agree! Ages ago someone left a bottle of it at mine so I decided to try it, but it didn't work for me either. Quite pleased I didn't have to pay for it to find that out! I also hate the lid - I found it really difficulty to open. xo

  2. I like Johnson's eye make up remover - it has two layers to it & always manages to get mine off, but i do sometimes rub a little.
    I think Johnson's is part of Proctor and Gamble though, which test on animals if this is off putting for you :/

  3. I haven't ever used the Loreal one but I can recommend Boots Botanics soothing eye makeup remover. I get it when it's on 3 for 2. Do not confuse this with the dodgy yellow eye makeup remover in a tube though that is awful and looks remarkably like ear wax (i.e. its minging) x

  4. bad product + test on animals = absolutely NO to me

    thanks for the review

  5. @Emma, I ish someone had left a bottle here for me to try! I think I just thought it looked refreshing on the shelf.

    @Phoebe, the animal testing thing gets confusing. There are bigger companies who have smaller sections. For example L'oreal own the Body Shop (which is really against animal testing). I'll investigate Johnson's though.

    @Sarah, I like Botanics stuff. That sounds like a good product too (not the ear wax one lol)! I might go to Boots later and have a look!

    @Angela, you're welcome. Spend your money on something else!

    Thanks ladies x


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