Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Still here..

.. just had to go away.  I say 'had' but I went on a spa break! Bliss.  Feeling a lot better health wise (less congested).  I did a new eye look while I was away (which lasted for 4 hours with out creasing.  This is unheard of for me.  I'll do a photo when I have time to recreate the look.

Also coming up
  • Swatches of my prizes from Sadie's competition
  • Swatches of my latest Mac additions
  • A few of my recent EOTDs
  • A few reviews
  • A blogger award :)
  • My most worn items Tag (from Sarah)
  • My make-up storage Tag (from Jo)
 Let me know what you want to see/read first.  I'll get though all of them, but not tomorrow (busy day).

Thanks for all the emails/messages/replies.  You're a very lovely bunch :Dxx


  1. Looking forward to seeing all of them babe. EOTD, reviews and Tags would be my first choices.


  2. Oh joy, the spammer brigade have found me. If anyone knows how to report them, please post below. Thanks.

  3. break!!! I could use one of those! ;)

  4. @Kendra, you deserve one at the moment. Maybe hint for a christmas gift?

    @Eliza, I have swatches on my arm and one EOTD done, but no camera battery!!! IT is charging as we speak. Done one review though.


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