Friday, 23 October 2009

To All My Followers..

..please can you post a link to your blog below?  For some reason I can't seem to get to people's blogs though my followers page and I really want to see all your blogs and pages etc!  When I click on your profile picture, blogger just tells me that you 'joined my blog' yet I know quite a few of you have blogs :oS

Therefore please feel free to post a link to your blog below as this will help me find your blog :)
Thank you for subbing and being part of my blogger family.  It means so much to me :)

Thanks for the links below (in advance).  Blogger is a bit sucky sometimes.  Anyone else have this problem, or know what I am doing wrong?

Emma :)


  1. hey girl
    here is my blog

  2. hey huni heres mine JUICYGIRL xoxo

  3. Oi, darn blogger!

  4. Here we go:

  5. I'm having Blogger troubles still as well. My problem is that I have 'disappeared' as a follower on some of the blogs I follow -- even though I still follow and get the feeds. It's been going on since August and they haven't been able to resolve it.

  6. mine is i love your blog btw! hehehe ^_^ *Hugs* congrats on the win!

  7. I've been having blogger issues, too. They must be changing things.


  9. How strange- hope the problem is sorted soon! My blog is



    :) xx

  11. Thanks girls. Its a bit strange! It is now saying that I am following some people woo! Some arent there, and I still cant get to some people's blogs by clicking on your icons/ my followes page.. Anywho..
    @Anglea Thanks:)
    @Juicygirl Thank you.:)
    @Kendra I know, I keep finding hings I dont like about blogger!! On the plus side, it is fairly easy in layout. :)
    @Lousie, thank you :)
    @Lipstick Rules, How odd. Hope the problems get sorted soon. :)
    @Calia, thanks or the kind words :)
    @CrystalS, I wish they'd ask first!! I like to see the blogs I follow and find new ones to sign up to!
    @Paula, Thank you! :)
    @Daisy, so do I! :)
    @Tanya, Thanks :)

    Thanks ladies, really appreciate your posting.

    If anyone else wants to post here then please do. Bad blogger!

    Emma :)xx

  12. That's a bit weird, hope it gets sorted out soon!
    Here's mine :)


  13. Hi ComputerGirl

    Here you are:

    I am liking the Choo shoes from H&M btw!!

  14. hey hun, mine is http://notallthatsparkles.blogspot,com



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