Saturday, 21 November 2009

Awards, for Moi? I'd like to thank..

..Laura and Natalie who gave me these awards! You rock!

Laura gave me the Ice cream award!

Thank youuuu!!!

So I have accepted the award and now I'll pass it on to three blogs who I have enjoyed reading in the last couple of weeks (obviously I enjoy all of them, but I pick just three to share his time).

Tali Has a mom in America who forwards stuff, plus a make-up obsession and her dad's credit card.Woops!

Shifa Loves make-up, and has been doing a few posts recently on fake Mac.

Mizzworthy Nuse by day, make-up addict the rest of the time.  A new find for me so giving a shout out!e

Natalie gave me the Lovely Blog award.  I'm so please to get this, and just because I already have it doesnt mean that I am any less pleased.  Getting awards ALWAYS makes me smile!! Thank youuu Nat! Since I already have this one and had to tag 15 people, I am just going to pass it on to 2 named people this time and tag everyone who hasn't got this award. (If you want to see who I passed it on to last time then click here)

I am going to add Eliza and Lisa-Kate to the mix, but if you havent got this then you can have this award too!

Thanks again to Laura and Natalie!


  1. Thats quite alright Emma!! :) XOXO

  2. Hi
    Just to let you know, you have one a pair of tickets to Clothes Show in my competition. Please see my blog for more details - and send me an email with your details

  3. Thank you soooo much Lauren. I'm literally jumping up and down now!!! Will email you right now! :)xx

  4. awww fankew hun! dats really sweet of you =)

  5. Thanks sweetie. *hugs*
    So glad to hear you won Lauren's comp. I wish I could have entered. I want a full report with lots of snaps of all the fun stuff you get up to.


  6. @Shifa Youre welcome!
    @Eliza I'll blog, don't you worry!!! x


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