Monday, 9 November 2009

ELF new products + EOTD

They're here!! Elf released a tonne of new products on their UK website today!  I think most of them are existing products that have just had a European release, but I did hear that there might be some new products too.... head over to to have a nosey at the new products.

I am very excited to have a look at this extended range.  I did a review of three of the products here and in honour, here is my eye of the day EOTD!  Excuse the eyebrows, I'm trying to grow them for a reshape. Also excuse the end of day tiredness!  They eye has lasted well though.

I used;
  • Body shop moisture foundation in 04
  • No 7 Eye base
  • Elf Single Eyeshadow in Charcoal
  • Elf Eye Transformer
  • Bourjois Maxi Frange Mascara
  • No 7 brow kit (discontinued)
  • Elf Complexion Correction
I used my number 7 cream base, then set it with a layer of Elf Charcoal.  I then added a further layer to half my eyelid and blended it with the blue eye transformer powder.  I put more charcoal on the outer crease and blended.  I then wet a liner brush and lined my upper and lower eye with the charcoal.  This is more subtle than a sharp kohl pencil or liquid/gel liner, but sometimes subtle is the way to go.

I put the peach/bronze eye transformer on my inner corner and under my eye and the pink transformer under the charcoal flick and under my eyebrow.  For this I used the little brush in the compact, and then blended it with my ring finger.  I wouldn't used the powder as a day to day under eye bag disguiser, but I was quite suprised at how well it worked for a special occassion concealer!  It off set my purple/black bags nicely!  I also used a bit of my complexion perfection as a setting powder.

A simple look, but I quite liked it.  For more drama I'd use gel liner and use the eye transformer over that (see swatches on my last Elf post!!  The colours really pop over a liquid or gel liner!)

What do you think of my subtle smokey eye?  Have you seen the new Elf product?  I'll post my wants in a few days!


  1. I really like your subtle smokey eye as I cant pull of proper smokey eyes as I kinda look drag that way lol. Subtle is always better!

  2. Hey hun, just to let you know I've tagged you.


  3. @Shifa, thank you. The think I love about this look is how the eye transformer add an ever changing sheen. It is so individual and unique. The pictures here andin my last post capture it a bit, but it is better in real life :)

    @Eliza, thanks :) I'll have a look later x

  4. Great EOTD- love it!!! Charcoal seems to be really good, but so far I'm little bit of dissapointed in ELF Studio single eyeshadows called Amethyst and Pebble. I've also got blusher brush and it's awesome like all Studio brushes.:)

  5. @sil Thanks :) I do really like the Charcoal E/s. As with every product, the way you apply it makes a difference (and your skin type and base etc) so hat works for me might not work for everyone. I havent tried Amethyst and Pebble, but now the products are easier to get hold of I will be trying more. I like the fact the Studio brushes are anti-bacterial. One less thing to worry about! :)

  6. That looks lovely! it looks like theres a hint of purple iridescence, gorgeous! xx

  7. @Young, Fabulous and Pregnant, Thank you :)

    @Tabitha, yeah there are some blues and purples in there, but it cahnges depeneding on your base colour, and the light. I hope to post some more with other colours soon :)xx


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