Thursday, 12 November 2009

Gifts for meee! :)

My wonderful and gorgeous bf bought me some presents a week or so ago.  There was an occassion... I tend to tell him off if he spends too much randomly buying me things.

With my current skin state I dont want to play around with products too much, or take photos.  I thought I'd photo this lot to share with you instead.  I'm still thinking about the 'I hit pan' tag.

He bought me a few well-thought things which included;
Lush Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar
Lush Star Bath Melt
Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I have yet to use any of these items so this is not a full review, however I like Lush in general.  They have great customer service and eco-friendly philosophies.

Ruby Red Slippers
Smells of rose, carnation and geranium.  It looks a bit like shortcake and has a fine coating of glitter.  Lush say "Sparkling, ruby red Bubble Bar with a bewitching fragrance of rose and carnation. There's no place like Lush at Christmas. Grab yourself a pair of Ruby Red Slippers and work some powerfully foaming magic on the water and make it as colourful as the merry old land of Oz. This calming, skin-toning potion of carnations, tangerines and roses makes your body feel and smell bewitching. Munchkins can break a bar in half and get two little baths for the price of one."
Smells lovely and I'm looking forward to having a bath in Ruby Red Slippers :)

Star Bath Melt
Smells of icing sugar, and feels soft.  You break a bit off and hold it under the running tap as the bath fills.  If it is like the dream time bath melt then it contains cocoa butter which leaves my skin clean and soft.  Also makes me smell like sweet treats :)

Snow Fairy
Smells like hubba bubba bubble gum! Also has some iridescent glitter in it :) This has been really popular, so I am glad it is back for Christmas as I missed out on it last year.

I am very pleased with my presents!.  Not only did the bf put a lot of thought into what to get me in general, he also thought about each item (buying me things I didn't have and would use) AND  he went into a girly shop all unprompted and put up with a 6 foot male-dressed-as-an-elf shop guide!!

Just to put this in context, when I tried to explain to the bf about primer, foundation, concealer his face clouded over as if I was trying to explain the Lisbon treaty in a 2009 enviroment from a marxist point of view in a foreign language.

So, that was a great suprise :D

Have any of you ladies used any of those products?  Have you been bought anything nice?


  1. Aw what a lovely BF, in his own words my bf said lush makes him 'want to be sick' so I doubt that I'll ever see him in there lol. Hope you had a nice 'occasion' whatever it was x

  2. awh thats soo nice of your bf, your a lucky lady lol im dying to get my mitts on snow fairy & now ruby red slippers after reading your post thanks huni xox

  3. wow.. he is so nice, wish my man is like that LOL

  4. Ooh lucky you!! :). Everything looks lovely! xo

  5. Good man that he is!

    Have tagged you on my blog.x

  6. @Sarah LOL! Yeah it was a nice outing and our own little celebration. :)

    @Juicygirl My room smells so nice because of it!! Hope you manage to get to Lush sometime soon!

    @Sherry :D Show your man this post!!! He might get the hint!!

    @Emma Great name!! Thanks. I wish you could smell it too!!

    @LionLovingTiger Thanks, I'll check it out.

    Thanks lovely ladies! xx


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