Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I love your blog because you make me smile - TAG

I was tagged by the lovely Eliza - Make-up Junkie and this make me smile. I love the graphic!  Go and check out Eliza's blog if you haven't. She's super lovely and her blog is a great view/read.  Thanks Eliza!

The Rules:

-You have to put a song that makes you happy.- You can tag as many people as you like, there is no limit.- Say at least one thing about each blog you tag, that will make them smile, something nice about their blog that makes you smile when you read it!

The song:

There are quite a few songs that make me happy.  Some because of memories, others just because they are upbeat.

Here is one, although I might include more songs in future posts.

JUMP! Love the crazy 80's outfits, the hair, the bad miming, facial expressions...... plus it reminds me of school as we studied it in music.

Blogs that make me smile then.....far too many to list here so I tag everyone, but here are just a few I'll name that have made me laugh out loud or grin in the past couple of weeks.

Jo at all things beautiful because she dropped her lippie down the loo.

Kelly at kelanjo19 because she dropped her phone in her tea.

Victoria at Lilyloveslola becuase of her cute hat.

Lauren at Lauren loves.  Those Ruby Slippers make me smile every visit! (Yes I know she just got the award!) (I've realised I don't know your name sorry) Her recent post on underwear shopping still makes me laugh. £58 boulder holders!

There we are then, consider lots of miles all around and lots of tagging!


  1. Yay! thank you hunny. Better get my thinking cap on for a song now lol.


  2. Hi Emma,
    Only just seen your comment on my blog - damn these stupid comment approval things!
    Thanks so much for tagging me in this award, it's very lovely of you.
    Hope you're well xx

  3. @Victoria, youre welcome.xx
    @Jo Look forward to hearing what you put! xx
    @Lauren, don't worry. Blogger can be very un-user friendly at times!! I'm better thanks (although my skin doesn't look it!) Love those Ruby Slippers. I'll have to make do with my lush version though!! xx


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