Monday, 23 November 2009

My Aussie Competition: Win prizes!

I've had an email from Aussie and have to update this competition.  I had posted here originally.  Here is the updated version.

If Aussie was a palette, what would it be?
Aussie want YOU guys to use your brushes and skills to create a look- what would an Aussie make-up artist produce??


1) Create a make-up look that reminds you of Aussie products. (This could just be a normal photo!)
2) Take ONE photo.
3) Post it to your blog or website/flickr with a link to here. Also post a list or photo of the products you used.
4) Post a comment below with a link.
5) You must be a follower of my blog as this Aussie competition states it is for my community.

I have to judge this mini competition and in their words "Whoever you choose will receive a fantastic prize!".  No pressure on me then!

11:59am GMT Sunday 29th November 2009.

If you want any inspiration then visit the Aussie website. 

There is another competition for all the angels to enter, so don't be suprised if you see another post regarding Aussie before the end of the week.

Any questions, then post below.

Thanks: GOOD LUCK!!

P.s. Don't forget I'm on Twitter now! User name computergirl200!


  1. HAHAHA Hey girl - finally had time to enter you contest. I usually don't do makeup contests - but this one was a simple one to do. hehehe ^_^ I posted on my blog here:

    I guess I should go check out sabrina's too!

    calia yang

  2. Hi,
    Im not sure if this counts but I created a nail look for your contest
    Heres a link to it:
    I used:
    Natural Collection nail paints in peach manicure, white, and crystal clear, No7 Nail Paint in Vivid Violet, Barry M Yellow & No17 in Twist


  3. Thanks for the entries, they look fab!

    Keep them coming! x

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  6. Hey this is my look -

    I made a collage of all the pics that I took while I did this look.

    If this does not qualify as 'one' picture than count this one in,

    List of products used:
    - Urban decay primer potion
    - Mac warming trend eyeshadow
    - Mac Club eyeshadow
    - Mac Nobility eyeshadow
    - Mac blacktrack fluidline
    - Maybelline pulse perfection mascara
    - Oceanmist Cosmetics mineral foundation
    - Laura geller blush and brighen in down to earth
    - Mac studio fix powder

    I thought the colors I used in this picture on my eyes gives a good indication of how aussies palette would look like! =) ♥

  7. Hi Hun. Loving this competition. My entry is over here x If a list of what I used it needed let me know xx


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