Monday, 2 November 2009

Preview: Let me introduce you to...

Hurrah!! On the 9th November Elf (also known as Eye Lips Face) will be releasing over 150 further products to the UK!  (Americans/Canadians: This is long overdue for us!!)  For months we endured tales of this magical Elf make-up in America and Canada.  Thankfully the make-up Elf gods were kind and gave us our own European launch.... but what was this?  When looking at the .com website, lots of products appeared that were not on the website.  Of couse they all looked very interesting so computergirl set out to get some...

And here they are!  3 items from the extended Elf Studio range.

L-R lined up like Daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear!
Eye transformer, blush, eye shadow mono.
Don't they look cute!!

For those that don't know, Elf are primarily a mail order company.  They specialise in quaility make-up at affordable prices.  Items range from the huge sum of 75p upwards.  They do two ranges; a normal range, and a Studio range.  The Studio range was designed for make-up artist studio use.  Thankfully it is not exclusive to make-up artists!  I have ordered and tried items from both ranges and have been quite pleased with the results.  I think we Uk-ers pay a little bit more than the guys 'over the pond', for example my Complexion Perfection compact cost $3 or £3.50- still cheap though!!

I have been using these 3 items for a while, and I'll do a bit more of a detailed post soon (including how they compare to the last lot of Elf I blogged about).  Do you guys want swatches of these?  I'm sort of following some request emails and posts at the moment so feel free to make requests on what you want to see!

Have a good night!


  1. Please do a thorough review and swatch of your Elf studio line items. I've only bought a couple of things from the normal elf line (a lipgloss, a couple of cream eyeshadows), and was thoroughly disappointed. I'd like to know if the Studio Line is worth a try. :)

  2. I love E.L.F. brushes and whole Studio range actually. I've made some orders from their U.K. shop(thanks again for the free shipping announcemet!;) ) and from a little e-shop from U.S.A. - Makeup Mix Shop. I don't have blushes yet. So I'm really interested in blush swatches.:)

  3. ohh wow looks gorgeous! I wna try these out soon =)

  4. @Clearly Beautiful Blog, I will do shortly

    @Sil, You're welcome. I try to share stuff that I would find useful! I'll sort the swatches asap!

    @Shifa, They are lovely :) Swatches coming up soon!
    Thanks ladies!x

  5. Brilliant post!
    I love elf especially the studio line and was gutted when they didnt bring out the blushes & eyeshadows like they did in the US! Cant wait to try these out!

    Thank you for this & for following my blog


  6. I finally got my hands on some ELF products and have just blogged about it!

    EEEpp Excited!



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