Thursday, 26 November 2009

Review: Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Silk Luster

This is very overdue but here are some swatches of some of the Sassy Minerals I own.  To see my introduction to sassy click here.

So Eye Candy: Silk Luster.


Left to Right:
No Flash, Flash.

Midnight Train, Payback, Heartache, Beaming, Best Friend.
Beaming and Best Friend are quite subtle but show up less in these pictures.

The lighting is not great, but I hope you get an idea of how gorgeous these are.

Midnight train is so finely milled and pigmented.  It is a lovely grey blue and creates a fabulous smokey eye.
Payback is a grey/olive colour.  Khakis are great for my eye and subtle enough for day wear.
Heartache is a soft light pink, and I have used this as a gentl blusher.
Beaming is a lovely skin toned highlighter,.  Perfect as a base or highlighing powder.
Beaming is a lovely light brown.  Again I have used this as a base colour.

I really love these colours and have found them great on my skin (we all know what skin problems I have!!).  My sensitive skin has been fine with these, no dryness or itching  :) They blend easily and the staying power is quite good (especially with  base or primer).

The trick with minerals is all in the application.  With a good blending technique, good application and a good base, these little pots of powder go a long way.

I love Midnight Train and Best Friend and will have no hesitation in replacing these when they run out (although the tubs last for ages).

If you are a mineral junkie, or new to minerals I would check Sassy Minerals out.  They are a lovely company.  They do not test on animals, or use products that have been tested on animals.  this makes me happy.

I still have swatches of my mineral liners, shimmers and face products to do.  Watch out for these shortly!

Has anyone else tried these? What did you think?  Any questions? Comment below!

(P.s. 2.5 days left to enter my Aussie competition. Click on the ight hand side bar link!)


  1. I love mineral makeup and would def check these out

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I've never heard of Sassy before. :)

  3. @Shifa I'm getting to like minerals too! x
    @witoxicity They are a lovely company. Thanks for the comment :)

    More swathes to come v soon.x


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