Thursday, 10 December 2009

Body Shop Pass the Parcel (Up to 30% off)

The body shop have a christmas pass the parcel going on a the moment. Click the link to visit the site, and see what you get when the parcel opens!  You could be lucky and get 30% off!  Sadly I only got 10% :(

With their christmas collection out at the moment, plus 'Anita's Favorites' making a come back, you are sure to make great use of this discount.
They also have a great range of guy gifts for those who are having difficulty finding suitable gifts.  As well that this, you might want to head over to their website as they are giving away fantastic gifts with purchases!

Visit (or your countries one) to see their stocking filler ideas which start from £1!  I can recommend the Cranberry Lipbalm- I stock up every year :) It tastes fantastic, and is very useful if caught under the mistletoe!

For the christmas parcel disocunt head to

Tune in later for today's stocking filler post!!

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