Monday, 14 December 2009

Coming up soon...and giveaways for you.

Posts lined up;

Daily stocking filler ideas!
Swatches of my Coastal scents items
Blog awards and tags
Review of Christian Lacroix perfume
Recent hauls/ reviews UPDD, eyepencils plus goodies from the clothes show.

AND MUCH MORE- including a 100 follower giveaway! Yes! Thanks to all of you lovelies for following and reading and commenting.  I will do a giveaway as soon as I have sorted items.  Do I wait till after Christmas to give you all something to look forward to???

Check out these giveaways for some Christmas cheer!

And stay tune


  1. Excited to see your giveaway! :)

  2. @Jen! Aw thanks:) Just a way of saying thanks to everyone :) x

  3. thanks for sharing the giveaways!! ^_^ emma you RAWK!

    can't wait to see your giveaway too!

  4. @Calia Thanks :D Shoudl be announcing the winner of the aussie comp very soon btw.. just waiting for Aussie..... :)x


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