Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Early Christmas Pressies! 5 BLOG AWARDS!!

On the sixteenth day of Christmas my bloggers gave to me.. 5 Blooooggg Awwwarrrds!!
With doing my daily stocking filler post, I have been neglecting a lot of 'normal' posts.  I hope you'll forgive me with that. I just do not want to overload you all as I know how annoying it is when someone posts 10 posts a day!!!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been awarded "5 blog awards' (Sung to the '5 gold rings' bit of 12 days of Christmas!).  These are all so special and I would normally write about each one individually. However because of my daily posts, I am going to do them all in one go.  They are all equally special to me, because a real life person has taken the time out to thing of me and like my ramblings enough to say 'I like your blog'.  In no special order....

I love your blog!

Thank you hun, that is so sweet of you. Your blog is great too :)

I am going to pass this on to;

Kreative Blogger!

Thanks to Georgie at
Super sweet of you :)

I have already passed this on so if you want to see some more blogs then click
to see my nominations.

Thank you Georgie- love the picture on your blog!

 I love your blog!

Thank you Sugar at

So lovely of you to pass this on to me!! :)
I have been nominated for this at the same time, so please refer to the top list for the nominations I have made!

Thumbs up friend award!

Thank you to BrionyLou at

The friends award :)
I'm going to pass this on to...

I read your blog a lot!

Blogs I read a lot award from Shifa at
I read a lot of blogs, and if I find one I like then I read every post!!

Ones I have been reading recently will get this award... (but I do read all the ones I sub to!)

And Toni(? I think I've only seen your name once!!) Sorry! at

So there we go.  Sorry that has taken aaaaaages, and there aret many names blogs here.  Truely I read every blog I subscribe to, so the fact that I sub you is a good thing!!

The fact you all sub to me is amazing- and if I havent subbed you so far then leave me a comment. Sometimes blogger doesnt let me see who is following, so I cant find your blogs :( I LOVE reading blogs.

Thanks again to these 5 lovelies- GO CHECK THEIR BLOGS OUT!!

:) Annnd check out my daily stocking filler posts if you are stuck for present ideas!
Don't forget I'm on twitter too now :)
Next up: Haul post.. (with a backlog of purchases!!)


  1. Oh, thank you lovely! That's really sweet ...

    but ...

    ... it's Louise, not Lousie! ;)

  2. OOOOOOPPPPPPS Fingers and brain not working!! I'll Edit it now!! Sorry!! (and I was watching tv and how to make a hangover cure out of natural plants...!!)x

  3. Thank you - this is really nice :)

  4. Awww thank you hunny, Im so behind with my awards too. Im that far behind that I need to go back and read all my comments to find out when I was given one and who by :( I feel so guilty.

    Thank you so much for this one though, this has to be one of the best blog awards Ive received, and from a good friend too :)


  5. Thank you sweetie. This is so lovely of you. Will get it up on my blog as soon as I can.

    You rock! *HUGS*



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