Friday, 4 December 2009

Small clothes show update

Well I am back from the Clothes show, and my feet hurt!  I will be doing a proper post tomorrow or Sunday. I didnt actually pick up too much stuff, but I have a few goodies to share. :).  Needless to say I have to clear out a few things to make a bit of room... hello ebay/blog sale :)

While I enjoyed my day, I can't believe that entry starts at £25 per ticket (plus £2 booking fee.. and travel/parking).  There are practically no freebies in the show, tickets do not include  map or pass.  You can buy a map/discount pass (don't unless you plan to spend ALOT!).  I wouldn't even say it was that geared toward fashion or budding fashion designers or design students.  And if you want to see the 'celebrities' then Dave Berry/Caryn Franklin came out on stage for 2 minutes. Caryn talked normally, Dave shouted. ALL. THE. TIME. (Idiot).  They then brought out two 'Hollyoaks' stars (Zoe and Antony AKA Zoe and Gilly) for all of 30 seconds and established that Zoe is leaving and Gilly likes Steph).  No interview like 'who are you wearing today? Why are you here? Do you choose your charactor's clothes?'.  If you are going to see the celebs then I'd save your money.  Parts of this show are just exactly like London or Birmingham market, only you pay to get in.  Anyway I just wanted to write a few words. I'll share the haul soon and do a proper highlights/lowlights post.  I just wanted to put this out there for those of you that were umming and ahhing about going this weekend.

More stocking fillers to come- one a day till christmas. Priced from £0 and upwards, and ideas suitable for friends, family, workmates,men and women!


  1. I've always wanted to go to the Clothes Show but it doesn't sound as exciting as i imagine! x

  2. @Em It was just a bit places. I'll do a full write up soon. x

    @Sadie, I'm glad I didnt pay for it!! x


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