Thursday, 10 December 2009

Stocking Filler: December 10th: Tech Guys

Every day leading up to Christmas I will be posting a little stocking filler idea.  I will try and choose global products.  If you can't get hold of the product in your country, then I hope this will be fun to read and help give you present themes.

10th of December!

Tech guys (or Girls)!
Just a few ideas from maplin.

I have been asked to do a post for guys, I hadnt planned to do this till the weekend but here are a couple of ideas.  I'll do some more before Christmas.  

Try visiting 
They are an electronics retailers, but they always have loads of gadgets and gifts at christmas.  They have many stores in the UK, and an online shop.

This digital photo frame is under £25 (Photo from maplin site!)

Also they have lots of little toys and games suitable for boys of all ages.

This coin jar keeps track of the money you put in 

Lots of games and novelties 

I always go in before christmas and pick up lots of cool gadget stocking fillers for my brother!
Some are too cool to give away !
Be warned, they are very affordable!!

15 Sleeps to go! 


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