Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Stocking Filler: December 2nd: Balm Balm

Every day leading up to Christmas I will be posting a little stocking filler idea.  I will try and choose global products.  If you can't get hold of the product in your country, then I hope this will be fun to read and help give you present themes.

Second of December!

Balm Balm's Face Balm.
£5.99* from chemists including Boots, Waitrose in UK, Koko Spa (Canada), Beauty Habit (LA), Be-Kind Beauty Bar (Australia). Check out their website for details or online orders!

 *Use the code BBSKIN for 10% off their website!

Click here to go to the Face balm page!


Photo off the Balm Balm website.

Face Balm comes in three different ranges: Fragrance Free, Rose Geranium and Tea Tree.  A multi-purpose balm that can be used on cheeks, elbows, hands, lips, arms, legs, necks.. I think you get the picture! As if that wasn't good enough reason, it is 100% Organic and 100% natural making it suitable for most people AND they are a cruetly free and carbon neutral company.  

A perfect product for popping in your handbag on these cool winter days, or (for you guys on the other hemisphere) for applying to sun dried skin!  I love mine and keep it in my desk drawer.  Their lip balms are good too!  For their top tips, click here.

Very affordable and suitable for girl friends, mums who garden, knitting nans, or guys who are scared of girly moisturiser.

23 Sleeps to go!

(More on Balm Balm coming up).


  1. hey i just gave you an award on my blog xx

  2. This looks really good!

    I tagged you for an award lovely :)

  3. THANK YOU :) I will try to do these this weekend. So pleased to get these and has made my day a bit better :)

    And Georgie, it is. It's a staple in my cupboard. xx


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