Friday, 4 December 2009

Stocking Filler: December 4th: Elf Eye Transformer

Every day leading up to Christmas I will be posting a little stocking filler idea.  I will try and choose global products.  If you can't get hold of the product in your country, then I hope this will be fun to read and help give you present themes.

Fourth of December!

Elf Eye Transformer compact.

£3.50 or $3 (US).

Photo off the Elf website.

Christmas and New Year are two very busy times, so any little trick to save time a huge help.  Cue this Elf palette.  Take one normal day wear eye, apply some of this 'normal' looking powder and watch the colours transform.  For a special dramatic effect then just apply over your normal black day liquid/gel/pencil eyeliner and watch the magical colours appear.  To see swatches click and to see a more detailed review click

Elf normally ship very quickly.

Very affordable and suitable for girl friends, little or big sisters who are always stealing your make-up, and you! (Well, who said you can't give yourself gifts...?).

21 Sleeps to go!

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