Saturday, 30 January 2010

Blush love 1: Mac Well Dressed

Half a request, half something I had lined up.  I'm starting a series of 'Blush love' posts were I'll swatch and share a blush with you!  My blushes collection currently includes MAC, Benefit, Elf, Rimmel, The Body Shop, Sassy...

My blushes tend to be powders, but sometimes I'll mix them with a little bit of vaseline to create a cream blush or a lip tint.  I tend to find that I wear darker berry colours in the winter, and lighter flushes in the summer.

Blush love 1: Mac Well Dressed

oInspired by the sunshine I am showing you ne of my Spring/summer colours (although I sometimes dip in duirng winter and autumn!
(With flash/Without flash)

A light powder that makes me think of sweets.  It also reminds me of one of my Benefit blushes (I think it's Dandelion but my box is in the other room). However, Well dressed is lighter and a bit different in texture, so I would not recommend them as dupes at all.

Well Dressed is soft too, and lightly pigmented.  I love it!  Not only is it a great little blush product, but I also sometimes use it as a blended highlight as it has a lovely sheen to it.  It does not contain glitter!  Another little tip is to apply a bit to your cupids bow, and then blend out with your fingers- it leaves a lovely little 'natural glow'.

Here are some swatches, although I appologise as I struggled to get it to show in this light (note to self: take pictures in the daylight!)  I had to apply it quite thickly to show up- but you need not apply so thick in real life.


I find this powder easy to apply, and fairly good* in terms of staying power!  (*Obviously base/primer/ skin conditions/weather will affect how long you can go before you need to apply more).

So bloggers, meet Mac Well Dressed. A lovely light powder blush!
Can be picked up in Pro pan form (to fit in magnetic palettes) from Mac online or Pro stores for £13.50 
in a clam shell compact from any Mac store for £16.50

I hope to do some swatches to compare blushes in the future.

Do you have this blush?  Any thoughts? Any dupes?  Want to see more 'blush love'?!

(P.s. Disclaimer: The one on my blog sale is just a new back up dupe, not the one featured here with a dip in it!!!)


  1. I love Well Dressed. It gives the perfect glow :)

    Kelly x

  2. That's a really pretty colour, I love pink blushers. xx

  3. Im love blushers at the mo especially pinks Barry M have a great pink one which Im using loads but I really want Mac Pink Swoon great post huni xoxo

  4. I need this blush!
    Love that you are going to do this series. I'm a blush whore so always looking for new suggestions. LOL.

  5. I love this blush too :). It's just a perfect, everyday, glowy colour! xo

  6. @Jellyminx Glow is the right word, yes. :) x

    @Becca It is pretty- definately swatch it next time youre in Mac! x

    @JuicygirlI keep looking at the Barry M ones- the orange one facinates me, but I dont think I'm brave enough!! Thanks for the sweet comment! Will look at Pink Swoon next time! x

    @Hollywood It would look great on you! :)x

    @Lipstick I'll say yes!! (Although I might say no if you want me to tell you not to buy anything!!). Its a lovely colour and quite wearable by many people! I have a good few blushes to upload so stay tuned! Just a way of me sharing (and hopefully rediscovering and using up!!) x

    Thanks for he comments ladies! :) x

  7. Thats really pretty. I love pink blushes x

  8. @Emma It is a lovely everyday glowy colour! It took me a while to branch out into these colours, but I'm glad I did! :) x

  9. @Em Obviously Emmas and Well Dressed go together :) Three of use here, one after the other!! It's very pretty and pink! :) x

  10. oh wow looks gorgeous! I would overlook this color by simply looking at it in the pan but it looks so pretty swatched!

  11. 嗨!很喜歡來這欣賞你的作品,幫你推推推當上人氣王唷.........................

  12. I 100% agree that MAC's Well Dressed is not a dupe for Benefit's Dandelion. Dandelion has an almost white cast effect that helps the ballerina pink look come across.. after you've loaded the product on! MAC's Well Dressed is easier to apply and a darker pink.


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