Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Review: Gosh Flat Eyeshadow Brush

I bought this a few months back and after using it quite a bit... here is my review.

GOSH SAYS: "Broad, short hair brush designed especially for all types of eyeshadow."

Photograph belongs to GOSH/Superdrug (as my camera batteries are flat).

I say: I have been eyeing up the GOSH stand brushes for a little while now and decided to invest in a new eyeshadow brush.  I have found this one to be very soft and it has quickly worked it's way into one of current most used.

Why? Gosh have created a brush that is not too thick or thin- it's full but flat (if that makes sense!).  Its not round and full, like my Royal eye blender brushes.  The end of this brush is also forms a gentle point, meaning that it picks up a good amount of powder in one or two sweeps. Result!

I use it for patting shadow on to my lid, before blending or applying a second coat.  I also like the fact that the handle is a decent thickness, allowing me to get a good steady grip.  I hate it when brushes are so tiny that you cant hold them, or your hand hurts after a few seconds!

So far it has held up well with washing, with no shedding or changes to the softness. (I wash my brushes with baby shampoo).

This brush retails for around £7 at the GOSH stand in Superdrug!  I love it so much that I might even be investing in a another shortly.  It has become on of my staple kit brushes!

Do you have this or any other GOSH brushes?  What do you think?
Can you recommend any of there other brushes to me?

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  1. i bought the gosh duo fibre brush a few months ago and i used it for my foundation! after i had finished i found myself plucking the hairs off my face with my tweezers i thought i had grown a beard haha.
    i wrote them an email and they kindly sent me a replacement and another brush to try (the blusher brush) and they were both appalling, the blusher brush was so scratchy and malted like crazy!

    i have heard good things about the foundation brush and would like to try that though.
    and now id like to try the eyeshadow brush now you have reviewed it :)

    really enjoy reading your blog hun

  2. I just bought lots of ELF brushes and am delighted with them. This sounds great though! Will bear it in mind if my ELF ever falls out of favour.

  3. I have always adored GOSH brushes as they look of superb quality. I want to try their fluffy powder brush :)

  4. This sounds pretty good!!! I have the XL shadow brush from GOSH and I LOVEEEEE that! Will have a look at this next time I'm in Superdrug! :)
    Have tagged you for a blog award too!

  5. Hi, I tagged you on my blog -
    I've been looking for a similar brush so i'll think about getting one from Gosh - I did get a nice one from h&m for £1.99 but i'm not sure if it will last long.


  6. Hello!
    I have this brush and agree that it is excellent. Never sheds and is really good for patting down colour as you said. I also have the fountation brush which is very good and I actually think it has gotten better the more I use and wash it.

  7. @Charly, Aw thanks :) Hm That foundation brush doesnt sound too good... :/ I have the body shop foundation brush.. not sure if I'd give the GOSH one a try after that comment... x

    @Jen I have a few ElF brushes too and quite like them. I have a few more of there's on my lst of things to try... the list is getting longer by the minute!! x

    @Shifa... the Fluffy powder brush is on my list too ;) x

    @Natalie.. I almost bought that one a t the same time! :) And ow that's really sweet of you. Will check it out shortly! x

    @Cz Really? Two awards in one day.. I'm so smiling right now. Will check later. You'll have to do a post on the brush to show how it lasts! :) x

    @Sophia Hello :) It applies colour really wel :) Interesting comments o the foundation brush.. I guess the more you wash it the less hair there is to drop out? I'm happy with my foundation brush at the moment, but will need to replace it one day.. x

    Thanks for all the comments :)x

  8. Have you ever tried brushes from ecotools? They are sold in boots and tesco, i LOVE them. The brushes are sooooo soft. I have The retractable kabuki, the best one ive used,for applying my mineral make up and the powder brush for the finishing powder :-) i havent tried any of the eye brushes,they sell them in little kits, ill need to try them out at some point.

    jo xx


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