Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Blush Love 2: The Body Shop Pink Heather

The second in my series introducing you to one of my blushes!

Click here to see the first post! MAC Well Dressed

As I previously stated, my blush collection includes some lighter colours (which I tend to reach for in spring/summer), and some darker berry colours (which I tend to reach for in autumn/winter).  Living in the UK means that I'm reluctant to go outside lots in the winter.  I tend to get out more in the wamer weather, and this leaves me with more of a natural 'rosy glow'- so I dont need to  fake it as much!!

Blush love 2: The Body Shop: Pink Heather Colour 03

This has been a staple colour that I have replaced several times.  It is a natural muted colour, which suits my colouring perfectly!  My gripe is that the packaging has got smaller over the past few years, though I'm pretty sure the price hasnt been reduced ;)

It is a powder blush, but isnt gritty or grainy.  There is no shimmer or glitter in it this baby, so no crazy glitterball impersonations!  I am quite happy to pop this on in the morning and find that I dont have to touch it up much during the day.  I do normlly use a setting powder over the top which helps it to last longer!

Here are some swatches!

This blush costs £8.50 from The Body Shop or The Body Shop online.

Have you tried The Body Shop blushes?  Do you have any dupes for this colour?


  1. I don't have any body shop make up, but this look really nice. Such a natural looking colour. I need to have a look at body shop make up! xo

  2. i've never heard of the body shop cosmetics before today. do they have a website?


  3. I have this! I love it too :) XO

  4. I have pink heather and love it to bits. Its a classic :D

  5. I havnt bought any Body Shop makeup in years lol it was always my fav when I was at school me & my chums use to go into town after school to buy bits & pieces from their makeup range & not forgetting dewberry shower gel lol must check it out again pink heather looks very pretty xox

  6. @Emma Def have a look! They do have some good items, I love this blush because it's so natural looking. I also have a few other items from there that I always replace! Best way is to go an have a store make-over :) x

    @Tiff Try looking at if you are in USA, or for the UK. They do have stores all over the world, and they are worth a look! x

    @Hannah and Shifa YAY! We have good taste then! Glad I am not alone with my love for this! x x

  7. @Juicygirl- Yes I used to shop there in my early teens to, then I sort of had a bit of a gap. Dewberry shower gel- yes remember that...And the body spray! It is very pretty! x

  8. x2 blush recommendations - Clinique Blush Wear (the cream one), foolproof - and Chanel trio shade powder which, typically, was a limited edition and no longer exists. Arrgh. Got me hooked on multi-shaded blushers though - work brilliantly.

  9. @The legologist Thanks for those recommendations. I do like some of the Clinique items, although I havent tried this blush. I will investigate.

    Limited Edition products annoy me when they turn out to be good! I don't think I own any multi-shaded blushes at the moment, I think I have always blended my own. They always look so pretty that I am afraid o use them! Thanks for the comment! x


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