Thursday, 17 June 2010

Back to Basics! (Haul Pic heavy!)

I have been very absent from Blogger, but here is my gentle path back to Blogging!

Some recent hauls, gifts etc  If you want more info on anything, please post!
Some things might be for the competition...

In the picture, Clarins perfume (Smells gorgeous, and can be used for so many things!), Herbalife Radiant C facial spray, Benefit it stick, creaseless eye shadow in skinny jeans, Bad gal pencil, eye bight stick, lipstick in la la land, Sally hanson nail pencil, Scholl nail pencil, Jessica Phenomen oil, No 7 green face primer, Dior lip glow (yes yes!!).

Red magazine (free Jemma kid lipgloss), Marie Claire (Free Cowshed bath and shower gel)

Boire blackhead strips (face and nose, Superdrug version of the same things.....

Elf SPF15 lip balm/primer, Elf brushes (Blush, fan, foundation, complexion powder)

Bourjois smokey eye trios (x2) a second complexion perfection (I hit pan!), Elf brushes (Complexion, blush and powder brush).

Phew, and I have missed out my Aussie hair care pack, shampoo, a few styling products, a clothes haul, shoes... It's been a busy few weeks!!

I hope you are enjoying the sun/cloudy sky/rain!! Bristish summer time huh!!

Have you bought any of the above?  Anything above you want more info on/review on?


  1. Hey there hunny, great to see you back. I've been lacking on blogging side too. Time to get back into it.
    I got all the Benefit goodies and two of the Jemma Kidd lipgloss colours. I also got myself a Doir Lip Glow a while back. Still to blog about it though.
    E x

  2. Could you review the pore strips please?

  3. Ohh lovely haul!
    I've got the 3 Benefit products (obviously hehe!) and the Elf blush brush, which I love xx

  4. @Eliza Yes I have been out of the loop a litt, and lacking the time or energy to post. Backon the horse now! I really like the colour of this gloss, I thought I wouldn't but I am glass I got it (an the lip glow). I would love to know hat you think (seeing as we both wanted it for sooo long!) xx

    @Rebecca Yes sure! I'll get something up on saturday, a brief overview/review/comparision? Hope you're well! x

    @Tor, Thanks, not all from one trip, just a baklog of sharing to do! I liked the Elf blush brush too so I bought a back up (one to use, one to wash! :) x

  5. swatches (^_^) please..i wanna see see see.. hehe thanks for sharing your haul..

  6. I really like the ELF Complexion Perfection powder - it's always really satisfying to hit pan on a product as then you know it was well-loved! Great to see you back :) x

  7. @Rhaindropz What swatche do you want, or all of them? I have just posted a benefit lipstick and JK gloss swatch post.:)

    @Lilylipstick I like it too. Great as a matifying product and pigment balance. Mine is certainly well used! Thanks x

  8. I got all the Benefit goodies! :)

  9. @Alice We're all in good company then! :)

  10. I am really regretting not getting the Benefit Conceal It Stick and the Jemma Kidd gloss:/


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