Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bourjois Smokey Eye trios

I love these.  They seem to get snapped up pretty quickly from the Bourjois stands, so you have to be lucky to get them.

They come in all different colours.  I have 03 Mordore Chic (Browns) and 06 Violet Romantic (purples).  They contain 3 baked eyeshadows, and a little applicator.  I prefer to use my brushes.  Great set to create a great smokey eye.  Also handy for travel kits.

The brown on requires quite a bit of building for a dramatic look, but there are a few hints on the back.  Hopefully foolproof for everyone!  I think these retail for around £7.49.

Do you have any of these?  Can you recommend any smokey eye kits?


  1. the brown trio looks beautiful!!

  2. they look cute!
    i've never seen them at bourjois stand, but maybe like you say they are just always sold out.

  3. These look so pretty. I love the NYX Smokey Eye kit - the shadows are gorgeous and very high quality for the price. x

  4. Love the look of the browns!


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