Sunday, 19 September 2010

Clinique update/review + haul


So I have nearly used up my clinique 3 step travel kit.  I blogged about it here

After using it morning and night, I can say that I won't be purchasing the whole thing.  I have found the system quite drying.  This may be due to the online system matching with with combination dry skin, rather than combination oily (which is what I would have picked).  Further to this, I think that becuase of the drying clarifying lotion, my skin has started to produce MORE oil to moisturise the skin!  This could lead to more spots for me, so I have stopped using it (there is only a drop left).

I quite liked the facial wash, although I was given the mild.  I have some very mild which I might try.  I certainly found the strength of moisturiser they prescribed me with was inappropriated for use on my chin and T zone.  I found it was becoming very shiny by mid-morning and worse after that.  I then only used it on my cheeks.  I am investigating what products to try next, but will be steering clear of these products.


I have cleared out a load of items from my closet and started to replace them with Autumn/Winter clothes, but clothes that will hopefully fit me and my shape.  I am fed up of clothes shrinking, or not fitting me.  I am not a weird shape but so many shops make me feel that way. I'm around 5' 10 and its amazing how different trousers are in each shop I visit!

Last week I bought a little haul in H&M.  I say little but I ended up with 4 pairs of trousers and 3 jumpers!!

Skinny Jeans had £10 off per pair so these were £19.99 instead of £29.99!

I liked this slouch neck fitted jumper dress so much that I bought 3. Brown, Black and Grey £14.99 each.

I also needed some new leggings after a friends animal put a hole in mine.

2 x long black leggins for winter.  Great for teaming with chunky socks or skin coloured tights for a warm winter look.  Also great for wearing to yoga (Yes I am still doing my new (academic) year's resolution!! )

I love wearing these jean and leggings with my shoes boots (which I love so much I bought them in grey and black earlier this year).

This week I have also bought some YSL, Burberry and URbans Decay.  I'm waiting for it to arrive, but I'm sure I will post on it!

Am I the only one who buys lots of the same thing in different colurs?!

So what have you bought this week?  What sort of clothes will you be buying this Autumn?  How are your resolutions going?

P.s. My giveaway will now close 1st October, so still time to enter!


  1. Shame about your Clinique trial.
    I'm the same height as you so know what a joy it is trying to find trousers that fit well.
    I do buy the same things in different colours but not often, and usually it's with tshirts. But if you find something you like then why not?

  2. The truth is that, up to now, the 3-step system by Clinique seems to be working fine for me! However, the downside I would like to mention, is that there are other similar products for a lower price.
    Nice purchases for the fall!

  3. @Laura I hate how we are classed a 'tall when actually we're not!! Wher do you buy your trousers from? x

    @Catanya This review is just my opinion, and how I have found it. I'm sur other people have diffrent opinions. Since starting the Clinique trail I found out a bit more about the chemicals they use in the products, and how harsh theses are on the skin. My skin did not like the combination of these products, and started to make me break out a bit. What other products do you use? x

  4. sorry it didnt work out for you. product that dry your skin is not good for you. maybe trying to use it every other day or every 2-3 days? j/w

    I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!! I've just started to be a shoe fanatic!! LOL my husband hates it! and YES I buy things i love in different colors.

  5. Cute shoesies :)

    Lots of love,

  6. Hi Calia, I think I'm going to give it a rest for a while- I have found some chemicals in it are very harsh :/ Glad you like the shoes- the grey pair made an appearance a while back, I love them too so thought I would show how they went with the jeans! xx

    @Katie They are cute booties!! xx


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