Thursday, 2 September 2010

Competition update and annoucement

Hello everyone,

More prizes added and closure extended!

Because my life is a bit crazy right now, I am extending my very belated blog birthday competition!!  This is good news for you guys!  At most it will be a month later than originally planned, but I will give you notice when I figure it out!  It's going to take me while to count up all the comments!!  Plus there are a few extra prizes I want to add, but I need to be at home long enough to photograph them for you!!

Just a reminder.  My blog is a blog.  Not a place to get free stuff (other than tips and discount codes).  For those who have been contacting me to add my blog to a giveaway directory or blog purely for giveaways, or even adding me without my permission, I am very disheartend.  I am part of a beauty community.  This means we share tips, ideas and friendship.  I am doing this as a thank you to the people that do that.  Not as a commercial competition to promote any products.. (for staters I'm not a company!!).

Also if you have entered, please make sure you have read the rules fo my giveaway.  I have had a few people enter without readign the rules- which makes me think that you havent read my blog at all.  The winner will be posted here, not emailed.

Here is a close look at some of the prizes.

Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner (75ml), Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo, Lane Bath and Shower Gel, Lane Shampoo.

Body shop Coconut Scrub sachet, Body shop Papaya Scrub Sachet, L'oreal De-Maq sachet Make-up remover, J'adore perfume sample

Mac Varicose Violet Nail polish, Apple Chapstick, Collection 2000 Showgirl gloss, Jemma Kidd Makeup School Lip gloss in Sorbet, Rimmel eye pencil in Chianti

Who knows what else will appear?!!

IMPORTANT:  To enter, please click the link on the right hand side.  All entries made in a comment to this update post will be disqualified.  A few people have said they have posted on their blog and seem to have forgotten.  Time to fix this if you want!!

Good luck!!


  1. you know - i've been contacted by giveaway sites to promote my blog. i'm like uh - no thanks cause i am not a giveaway blog or anything like that. so i totally feel you on that!

    good luck to those entering the giveaway! ^_^ *hugs*

  2. Aw Calia- annoying isnt it!! Hope you are well xx

  3. same here. Someone posted a comment to add my blog in there website but I told him that I am not organizing a giveaway. I am a contestant.

  4. Lisa- they obviously didnt read you blog properly then! It has only happened recently to me, but annoying all the same.


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