Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dior Lip glow. Colour Reviver Balm

Just a little update!  As some of you know from twitter, blog, etc Dior's Lip glow was on my 'lust list'.  I managed to get hold of some quite a while back, and I just thought I would do a little update.  Often we beauty bloggers want something for ages, post on it straight away and then never post on it again.

Well, it has become one of my staple items again this summer, so I thought I would do a little update.  I love the chunky packaging.  It is easy to find in my handbag- and yes I do carry it around a lot!

What does it do?  It is a balm that works with your lip's PH to create a great natural, unique glow.  It changes colour slightly when on.

Why do I like it? It comes out slightly pink, clear balm.  Straight away when I put it on, it makes my lips feel soft, but not sticky.  It (mostly) stays on for a good few hours, without drying my lips, and smells slightly of strawberries (in my opinion).  All in all a good mix of the things I like and look for in a balm! I have some that you apply with your finger, but I prefer direct application if possible.  Less chance of transfering germs!  Jus think of all the people who hold the rails on the tube in London, and then use the same hand to apply balm direct to their lips... (deep breaths!).  As if that wasn't enough, this balm has an SPF10 factor inbuilt!  So natural-but-better colour, sun protection, great smell and a balm..

Ok so tell me the bad...
Well this balm is so soft, that I find I get through a tube prety quickly :( And there isn't exactly a huge amount in the tube to begin with :( It retails for around £18-£20.50 depending on where you get it (Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges, Duty free, HOF all stock it).

While it is a nice balm, I find that I reach for it more during the summer (less make-up or beach bag make-up), or the middle of winter when those dreaded chapped lips appear!  It has been a saviour when I've left in a rush.  It has also made it's way into my 'products that have multiple uses!

Have you tried this balm?  Which balm do you reach for?  Which lip balm do you always replace?

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