Friday, 3 September 2010

Oh razor, where have you been? Wilkinson Sword Intuition

I hate shaving.  Hand's up if you are with me on this one... (or Comment below with 'I hate shaving'!!).

Guys, they just roll their hairy self out of bed, and that's it (well mostly).  Girls, we have to pluck, shave, scrub, exfoliate, moisturise, cleanse, tone, moisturise, polish, etc etc etc.

Most of us will still suffer with dry skin, or pimply skin.  If we wax then it's the home kit with instructions on how to 'mentally prepare', salon waxing/sugaring costs money, epilators (in my experience) sound like an instrument of tourture used by the dentist (and result in very strange questions being asked by anyone in the house at that point!!).  Not to mention that you have to wait for the hair to be long enough to be 'extracted' by sed methods.  This leaves creams (which smell..weird unless the market has advanced), or shaving.

For years I have braved a few occassions of home waxing, a few salon waxes (method by choice if possible), and shaving.  Razor and gel.  Yet it is a chore.  Especially under the arms.  Ifind this area gets dry and itchy sometimes (probably because I shave it more than my legs).

This summer I came across this product.  Wilkinson Sword Intuition.  Reduced two products into one.  It is basically a giant block of moisture with a razor in the middle.  Perfect for space saving during travels- and for reducing the time taken when getting ready in a hurry.  I was very dubious, but just wet your skin and shave away.  It left my skin soft and nic free (hurrah!).

It is quite chunky- which made smaller areas like under arms and knees a little bit tricky, but the razor is easy to hold AND comes with a travel cap.  Something not all comapnies do.

Costs £5.69 for the shaver plus one blade.  Replacement blades cost aroun £6 for 3.

What hair removal method do you use?  If you use a razor, which one?  Any hair removal tips to share?


  1. I hate shaving and I rarely do it. I don't care if they get bigger (like 5mm top), it's just nature doing it's job :p
    I wax unless in an emergency and for that,this razor looks really cool.

  2. I hate shaving too! I try not to shave so often so I don't wear a lot of shorts of tanktops. LOL

  3. In US we have these Schick Intuition razors..same thing but with different brand name? I loooove this's my favorite and obiously I hate shaving :P

  4. I'm a razor girl. This one looks great!
    E x

  5. I would love to have it here in P.I.

  6. @Daniela I normally get too impatient to wax! I just prefer the feel of smooth skin, but that is personal. x

    @Lisa, such a pain isnt it!! x

    @Spifftiff88 Oo possibly, I'm sure there are a few others with the same sort of idea. You should do a post on it! x

    @Eliza I think they might be on offer- pick one up if you see it. Great time and space saver! x

    @Lisa, maybe they have something ike it, but a different brand? Hope you find one! x


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