Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thank you Aussie! & Ins and Outs!


What's this? Its a Style Bible from Aussie made up of blogger tips gathered at recent events!  It's fantastic!

There are some amazing tips in here!  I submitted some, and here is one of them to share with you!

Thank you so much to Aussie for making this!  The events have been great fun, and I cant wait to see all the Aussie Angels soon!!

Ins and Outs!

Warm snuggly jumpers
Light weight scarves
Autumn jackets and coats
Crunchy autumn leaves, that create a gorgeous sprectrum of sunset colours.

Darker mornings and evenings.  Not a fan of these.
Cold feet!  My body doesnt like the cold!
Spots. Still.  Hopefully they will be on the way out soon.
Organisation.  I'm rally struggling to get my makeup and accessorise in an accessible space saving set-up.  It seems to spread out very easily- perhaps this means I have too much (Guilty look).

What are your ins and outs? What are your haircare tips?  How do you maintain lucious locks? Share them below! Thanks


  1. Omg I want that bible! haha! I love hair tips, esp as my hair is being a b*tch at the moment :@ My tip would be yougurt, honey and a drizzle of olive oil :)

  2. wow - hair in beer? never heard of that!! interesting!

  3. I love my bible, some great tips inside.


  4. @Shameera Thanks for that one, I'll have to try it! x

    @Calia Wird, but seems to work - I dont us it often though!! x

    @Klly, it's great isnt it! x

  5. you are so lucky you get aussie over there! I'm from Australia and we have kangaroos in our backyard, but we don't have the Aussie brand. I'm going to the UK in August so I'm going to have to stock up:)


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