Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Review: Illamasqua Ore Pigment

Love this.

A very fine pigment in a bronzy goldy colour.  Great for blue eyed girls, and Christmas!

 Light swatch, and a built up swatch.

Cost: £15
Where? Illamasqua counters and online
Recommend? Yes.


  1. It's on my wishlist! It looks gorgeous! I'm not blue eyed but I really want it still :D x

  2. Emma- Ore is such a gorgeous shade. I think it would look good on brown-eyed girls as well. Tali from the Gloss Goss looks drop dead gorgeous wearing the Ore pigment. I think she could wear a burlap sack and look beautiful in it though.

    Y'know, I wish I got a bigger paycheck than $60 from my parents. I know I live at home and all and only keep the downstairs clean, but a girl needs more than $60 to feed the makeup/nail varnish/scarf addiction. My list of wants is getting bigger each week, not smaller. Ore just made the list one longer.

    Let's not forget I'm slowly turning my VHS collection into a DVD collection (VHS's=bulky, DVD=slim!).

  3. Neekeexoxo It is gorgeous, love it! I'm blue eyed so that's why I mention it :) x

    @Katie Yes it does look great on brown eyed girls too, I'm blue eyed so that's the reason I mention it. The key is to work with your budget. Invest in what you buy, whether it costs a few cents or hundreds of dollars. Recycle lots and save up. I set myself budgets and work hard for it. Perhaps you can change job, or do a blog sale?

    Always remember that no matter how much make-up we have, true beauty starts from within! :) x

  4. I have a few tricks under my belt, don't worry. Sometimes I fall out of love with what I have written so the list is constantly changing. I think I scratched off half my list last night so I'm good again. Birthdays and Christmas come in handy too!

  5. @Katie My list changes too. Somtims its good to mull it over as it gets smaller! x

    @Fashion-rocks Thank you! :) x


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