Friday, 24 December 2010

Review: Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

Clinique Say: Lip balm with a colourful twist. Luscious, high-gloss shades treat your most undermoisturized skin to soothing shine. Instantly relieve dryness, protect with antioxidants and more.

Computergirl Says: I have this in 09 Currant. It has a slightly fruity smell but not overly fruity taste.  Sorry Clinique, but I dont find it overly moisturising.  In fact I seem to find it a bit drying.  Initially it feels soothing, but as it settles I find it seems to accentuate my dryness.  It is a little thick and sticky for me- I wonder if this is why it dries my lips out.  The plus point is the colour, a natural 'my lips but better', but I have to reapply it so much that I'll be through this very quickly.  I think it might also have an SPF in but I need to check that.

Maybe it's winter, maybe it's my cold, maybe it's my lips.  Maybe I have just been spoilt by products.  It wasnt completely the worst lipbalm I have tried, but just one that I wont be rushing out to repurchase.  I think I will keep up my lipbalm quest!

Repurchase: Ummm. Maybe i'm mad but I dont get this product. Its a no to repurchasing.

Purchase from Clinique stands and online £12.50 for 15ml

Have you tried this lipbalm? Did you like it?  What lipbalms do you give the thumbs up or thumbs down to?  What would you recommend for me?


  1. Sorry to hear that you didn't get on with this product. I've been using it on and off for a few years and really like it - I do find it a little sticky but it does seem to be keeping dryness at bay for me at the moment. It is pretty expensive for a lipbalm though.
    I'm also loving Carmex Cherry at the moment (the one in a tube) which does have SPF in. x

  2. My absolute fav lip product is Bodyshops Lip butter Yes,Yes,Yes! So smooth & moisturising plus it tastes yummy too! :) Have also recently found a MAC Lip conditioner that was given to me a while back & am loving it! :)

    Aysh xoxo


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