Friday, 10 December 2010

Stocking filler 7: Siblings

Every day (!!) leading up to Christmas I will be posting a little stocking filler idea.   I will try and choose global products.  If you can't get hold of the product in your country, then I hope this will be fun to read and help give you present themes.

Seven of December!

Home help

Sometimes people have everything, or we have no money to buy gifts.  Normally the most precious thing you can give someone is your time.

So here are some free home help ideas for a sibling;

Chores help- great if you share chors with a younger sibling.
Babysitting their children to allow a nice relaxing night out for them.
Taxi driving (if you're old enough!) Offer to drop them off or pick them up on a night out.
A DVD rental of their choice, complete with snacks.

18 sleeps to go!

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