Monday, 18 April 2011

Blush Love 4: Daniel Sandler Peach Puff

Continuing my series on blushes, I present Daniel Sandler Cosmetics.

 This blush is one of my most reached for.  It sits about mid range (at around £11-12), and boy is it worthy of a place in my 'most used' basket!

It is so pigmented.  Only apply with a light touch unless you want a dramatic look!  This is great as a little goes a long way.  It isn't shimmery or full of glitter, and I find the fine, soft powder lasts very well.

I love the colour because it is different to the rest of my collection, and slightly out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes it is good to pick up something different and try it, rather than dismiss on face value.

To give you a point of reference, here is it again MAC's Peachykeen (top) and Springsheen (bottom).

At 3.4g you can see it's smaller than MAC, but I normally have to use more of the MAC blushes.

Swatched in order.  Obviously I blend Daniel Sandler's one more then in the picture above!

The perfect blush with nude lips and dark eye.  Perhaps I should do a photo of the day for you when I next wear it?

Daniel Sandler products can be bought from, Urban Retreat's  Or you can check out the counters up and down the country including Harrods.  See this link for locations!

Sadly I think this blush is discontinued but snap it up if you see it!!

Worthy of Blush Love!

What blushes win your 'blush love'?  What colours are you reaching for daily?  Have you tried any Daniel Sandler products?

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