Sunday, 17 April 2011

Denman, Woman!!

My faithful hairbrush fell apart last week. It was a sad day.  Off I went to Boots to find a replacement.

I picked up this Denman Styler.  Yes I replaced the broken one with the exact same model.


Because it's a good brush and had lasted years (until I kept it in direct sunlight!).  It was always in my bag, flew with me, travelled to the seaside... almost feel like crying!  It is sturdy to loose out a few knots, but not harsh enough to damage your hair.  It also washes easily.

The best part about this range is that it has a naturally anti-static rubber pad.  Great for my long locks, which seems to frizz quite a lot!

I ALMOST picked up the same brush which smells of fruit.  It was very cute, but I thought the white brush would show up dirt quickly.

Do you have a Denman brush?  How to you care for your hairbrushes? Which ones do you like?


  1. I used to but I think when mine broke a few years ago I picked up a random replacement. However I have to agree it is a good brush.

  2. I share your love for this brush, since I got it about 2 years ago, it has become my hairs best friend it goes everywhere with me like you said, and A few times I have thought I've lost it and felt like crying :( I share your pain! truly the best brush out there I adore it I don't think I will use another brush!! :) x

  3. @Audrina I havent foun another one with the anti static- which one did you get? x

    @Nicola I have a mini one for my handbag too :) c


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