Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Female Lone Travel: Advice needed

Two posts in one day? Not quite!  I am in desperate need of some relaxation in the sun.  I quite fancy going to Europe for a couple of days, but not sure where.  Twitter is a bit quiet today so I though I would ask questions here too.

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Has anyone ever travelled as a lone female?  
Where would you suggest for a few 'safe' days in Europe? (Not really partying, just chilling!)
What would be your top tips?

Part of me thinks wait until I can find someone to go with me, but I actually WANT to travel abroad on my own before I die!  Travel is a bit of a pain on your own as many hotels charge the same rates for double rooms as single rooms.  It's making it look a bit expensive.  Still I can dream and research!!

Thanks in advance!


  1. I travelled by myself after finishing uni although I did it with a tour company so met other people while travelling. I used Topdeck Tours who were really good (I went to Australia with them but they do Europe tours too, some of which are only a few days long). x

  2. I've travelled on my own before around Australia - it feels a bit odd at first but really liberating once you get used to it! Hostels are a great way to meet other lone travellers if you don't want to go without any social interaction. As for places in Europe I've heard fab things about Barcelona - loads to see in the city but with a beach for chilling too :)

  3. I knew someone who went to Bali on their own for a week. I don't recommend that though - I think she ended up being lonely!

    The only solo trip I have ever taken was Amsterdam for 3 days. It wasn't exactly relaxing because I was just wandering around museums and doing stuff pretty much non-stop during the day. I enjoyed it but you've probably been there already.

    I think the Maldives would be so cool though - don't you? Booking a few days at a swanky hotel by the beach - maybe Greece or somewhere - may be your ticket. It can just be luxurious living, sleeping in, swimming in the pool or beach and then relaxing with a lovely meal... bliss!


  4. @Lilylipstick, Ooo thanks I'll have a look into that. Sounds safe and fun xx

    @Rachael I have stayed in hostels, but IThink I want something a bit quieter this time! Barcelona is fun and nice (apart from the pickpockets). I would be up for going back there :) xx

    @BV MAldives sounds lovely too. Amersterdam is nice, I would like to go back. Greece, now there is somthing new.. I Will have a look! Sounds perfect!! xx


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