Saturday, 16 April 2011

Witch Skincare Products: Overview (and small rant!)

You might have seen my post on the Witch Skincare event?

Well I was sent home with this

That is quite a generous goodie bag!

I am a big believer in testing products before I write about them.  It actually upsets me when bloggers go to events and then write up on the products straight away.  When using a new product surely your need to see how it fares with time? ESPECIALLY skincare.

In our 'ahem' four weeks cycle, our skin is affected by hormones.  Skin can go from dry to spotty and back to dry in 4 weeks.  This means that to get a 'fair' test you need to test a new skin routine for at least 4 weeks.  Otherwise what's to say your skin's 'reaction' isn't just your hormones?  I have known one or two friends try something once, moan about spots and not use the product, until I reasoned with them.  Upon trying again there was no reaction!

Also, a good product is likely to bring out a few spots. Why? Because it's cleaning your skin of all the deep set dirt, bacteria and other nasties.  This can bring out spots in even perfect looking skin. Stick with it!!

So I have been testing out these products and will probably break them down into three groups.

Skincare: Wash, Wipes, Spot Pen, Witch stick.
Skin Preparation: Redness Relief, Primer.
Make-up: Tinted moisturiser, powder, concealer.

Witch don't expect anyone to use all the products, but hope that one will be of use to you and your routine.

Have you tried any of these products?  Have you given a second chance to a product and liked it second time?


  1. So jealous of you going to an event like that and the goodie bag. I love the primer i use everyday and i can't believe the difference in my skin and the finish of my make up. It is a product i will repurchase i am waiting for my blemish pen to arrive to test that out as i have horrid skin which breaks out all the time. I will be trying out more of there range when funds allow.

  2. @KellyCake. It was lovely to be asked to go. Events arent always possible, but some can be fun :) The primer gets a thumbs up (although I will write more on that in that post). My blog mission has been to get healthy skin.. and Im getting there. Hope we can help each other out a bit? xx

  3. That annoys me too. I think, "Okay, that's nice of you to give the product an 'A' just by looking at it." I couldn't ever be a skincare blogger though. Once I find something that works, I stay fast to it. I also have the kind of skin that does not tolerate skincare change very well. My skin ironically didn't do a huge rebellion when I switched to Dermalogica though which is odd.

    Nope, I could never ever do what you do, but I love you bloggers that put your skin up for experimentation for what you do because I truly get to hear about other products, some that may suit my skin.

    @KellyCake--I have very acne-prone skin and I've noticed over the years that all those acne medicines have actually made my acne worse, especially if you have whiteheads and cystic acne (I get the former). One of the best things I've found that's also a dermatologist secret is hydrocortisone. Whiteheads and cystic acne are infections so hydrocortisone gets the infection out. Use it for no more than two days on each spot. It's like poof! the spot is gone! Blackheads are a different story and I get those too. I haven't found the magic cure for that...yet.

  4. Hi Katie, I have found my skin changes with season and age so I cant stick to the same products. Also time of the month affects the routine too. I also find sometimes my body 'gets used' to a product so a mix up is good every now and again. Thanks for the comment and the help for KellyCake :) Hope youre well xx

  5. Great post, I have an ongoing search for the right cleanser and try and give it a few months (I wrote minutes originally...tired maybe?!). I am interested in all hints and tips!

  6. @Emma, I have combination skin that changes with the seasons (dry in winter, oily in summer with this phase of weird freak out super dry thing in between season changes), but if I change my basic skin routine (cleanser & moisturizer) my skin freaks out. I normally add something like blotting sheets (my trusty Palladio blotting papers!) in summer. I have intolerable skin.

    It's really odd; I used the same skin care system from the time I was 13 until I was about 20 1/2 when my hormones changed the tiniest bit. I've been hunting for a good stable routine since then. I've been using the UltraCalming Dermalogica system for two months now along with my Differin gel and the skin I've had now is the most stable it's been since my hormones changed a bit causing my skin to change. It seems by treating my hypersensitivity that my combination skin and acne aren't acting up as much. It still needs some fine tuning, but I'm waiting a few more months to see if this is the system I want to commit to before I go out and do something like ask for a higher dose in my acne medicine.

  7. @Audrina Hope it works a bit better for you! Let me know how you get on!

    @Katie, hope you get your routine sorted. Blotting sheets are very handy :)x


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