Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lusciously Lighter Self: Journey Update: Diet!

You are what you eat!

I am on a Lusciously Lighter Self journey, supported by Aussie.  We have all set our own goals and are supporting each other. I know that some of you are detoxing areas of your life along with me which is GREAT.  Thanks for the support.  Following the last update and exercise tips, I'm doing a mini update with some dietry tips from Aussie.

Aussie's Lusciously Light videos: Part 2 from 1000heads on Vimeo.

These make so much sense!  I had been drinking at meals, but I have changed that now!  I think I am aveaging 1.5 litres of water a day so still room to improve!  I haven't found a metal drinks bottle but I am still searching.  Anyone got any ideas on where to buy one?

My fruit over fruitjuice mission is still going, and I have picked up some straws to help protect my teeth from juice.  I have completely kicked TEA, COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE!! Opting for a peppermint or Chamomile tea if I need a hot boost!

Your body can't survive if you don't feed it, but similary it needs to be fed the right sort of foods.  For example Raspberries are very good for you but also very filling.  They are not empty calories, like most crisps, biscuits etc.  This means you get full and stay full :)  I have been cutting out empty calories, and eating wiser choices (I hope), pasta, sala, chicked (no micrwave foods which have extra salt in normally).

My agenda keeping is working really well and I have been sleeping better so far.  Such a simple thing, but it makes a lot of difference.  Getting a good night's sleep really allows your body to press the reset button!  I am also waking up to a glass of water with a splash of FRESH LEMON JUICE in it every morning.  This helps to detox and energise the kidneys after a long dyhadrating sleep.

All in all I am more energetic and my skin is looking quite good (HURRAH!), My 10'000 steps a day challenge is hard somedays, but I have taken up a sort of dance based cardio class which I LOVE!!

What are your healthy eating tips?  How do you keep cravings at bay?  Are you on this journey with me? Please update me and link me if you post!

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