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TAG: My Make-up and Beauty Storage

This post has been requested many, many times since I started blogging donkey's years ago!  So for all you people who, like me, enjoy a little nose at other people's worlds, and want a few storage ideas.... here is my current set up.

I have changed it around quite a bit, and haven't quite got things perfect.  However I set myself a declutter challenge as part of my Lusciously Lighter Self Journey (Click HERE 1, HERE 2 and HERE 3 to read up it) and I'm just unpacking things into this set up, so I though it was a good time to share.

I have a sort of desk/vanity in my room, which I keep my most used items in (as well as some personal items).  I don't have space to keep everything to hand in this unit, but I do have some other storage in the room (and another room which is very handy).  I would love to have all my make-up, products, hair items together but this unit isn't big enough.  (Oh to have a walk in wardrobe or 'Closet' as the people over the pond say)

 Old Storage!

I used to store my make up in baskets like this one.  Although large, it became difficult to find products, although great to throw products into when back from a late night!

New Storage!
I bought these plastic baskets for £2-£3 from a local hardware/DIY shop (next to the tupperware section).  These fit perfectly in a shallow drawer, and I have spit them into eyes, lips and face.  The space at the end is for larger items (E.g. my Chanel Bronze Universal Sorry 'Tan de Soleil', make-up bags for my handbag)

These glasses were £2 each from Next.  I put face brushes in one (blush, bronzer, highlighter, foundation, powder) and smaller brushes (lips, eyes, concealer) in the other.  Then I have pencils in one, I tend to try and keep one free for dirty brushes.  Lip pencils seem to migrate between the basket and glass (and my handbag!)

I keep my normal polishes in this basket on a shelf.  I have another basket which has my upper end polishes in (YSL, OPI etc) but I keep this is the other room.  This was £3 from StoreTwentyOne

I keep a lot of items in the bathroom cabinet (which I tidied/cleared out expired products but I don't really want to show you that ;)  In my bedroom I keep a few things in these baskets on a shelf.

One has hair care/style items (heat spray, conditioner, dry shampoo, hair spray, shine etc) plus my night care body and foot lotions (including my Sanctuary Spa night socks and exfoliating gloves).

The other one has deodorant, facial care, eye make-up removal, eye cream, facial toner spray, MAC Fix+  etc.

Again things gravitate between the bathroom and these baskets, but I try to keep night creams and treatments close so I don't forget to use them!

I don't like to clutter up too much, especially after my bank holiday de-clutter, plus the more products I have to hand, the more I'm likely to flit between them and not form a routine.  Also I don't like opening too many products as they expire before I've had my monies worth!

Make-up baskets!
I know some of you would like a close look!  These blue baskets contain my 'most used' items aka my everyday face.

Lips: Lip glosses, lipsticks, liners, treatments, lash curlers, tweezers etc

Eyes: Shadows, mascara, under eye concealer, Fluid liner, brow kits etc.

Face: Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzers etc

But wait, there is more.......
Eagle-eyed readers will be asking " Emma, where are your MAC palettes?" well, maybe not... but anyway, here is another basket on my shelf, with MAC palettes, benefit box powders, kits, glitter (going out items!), pigments (Mac, Sassy, Bare Minerals etc), more lipsticks, brushes (and roll), handbag brushes, and some back-ups of things which are close to finished.  I have some more backups in the top of my wardrobe, and in the other room... (Woops!)
 Mac Palettes, NYX, shell pearl, samples etc.  I have the an old plastic tub to hold small brushes and samples (ready for travel).

So there is my current storage and some of my collection.  This is in no way a brag about what I have.  I hope that this has been useful for those of you looking for cheap storage ideas.  I like to try and keep a streamlined collection (as I only have face and so many days, and limited space at the moment!) but also I work hard to buy products, and I research most things before buying and try to spend wisely.  A few things were presents and one or two were sent for consideration.

If you want me to go over any of the products in a bit more depth, then just pop a comment below.  Perhaps if you enjoyed this post then just say 'thanks' :)

TAG: I now tag all of you reading to share your make-up storage ideas!  I love reading those posts and getting inspired.  Don't forget to post a link below so I can click directly to the post ;)


  1. I have the same glasses for my make up brushes - they're so pretty :)


  2. I just bought those same baskets yesterday myself. Going to use them for the same things! Great minds think alike x

  3. I love these posts too!

    check out my make up storage post

  4. @LionLovingTiger Great minds think alike! They are v pretty :) x

    @Skin Scrubs Indeed- great for hiding clutter :)x

    @The makeup fairy, thanks for the link :) x

  5. i love the way you keep your stuff organized :)
    i'm always looking for cheap storage ideas and your post gave me some good pointers. thank you ♥


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