Saturday, 17 September 2011

Watch this space! (Micahel Kors watch dupe)

This is an old watch for me, but a new one to you guys!  I really like the Michael Kors style of watch (as worn by the likes of Lollipop26 Lorraine Current Custom/Boobies and many other youtube/blogger beauty/fashionista people.... not to mention the celeb wearers.  Maybe it's just me, but a lot of the time I hate seeing lots of people wearing the same thing as me!

One thing I don't like is the price tag.  £150+ for a watch, which isn't guaranteed against breakages (read the small print, they only repair it for a limited time, and it only covers the internal small pieces, not the chain or external.  Plus they will only fix it if the battery has always been changed by them (at a high price) so they can reseal the water tight seal.  Oh and the external metal colour is expected to rub off and fade within a year and cant really be touched up.  So basically you pay a lot of money and expect the thing to fall apart within a year and to get no help from them!  Naturally you will just buy another one, just like they planned! (Rant over!)

The backstory: I did managed to get a Rose Gold Michael Kors watch last year, (with a discount) but it was huge.  I mean man size huge.  I have very tiny wrists.  I actually like them a lot but bracelets fall off them all the time :(  The watch looked ridiculous.  Not all trends suit everyone!  This made me sad, but when I found out that the watch wasn't the 'life time investment' I thought it would be, I returned it.  I then concluded that I was better off getting a cheaper plainer watch and having a few, rather than one.

Cue Oasis.
  • Chunky watch but not man sized chunky. Dainty women chunky!
  • Metal strap. Hard wearing!
  • Click clasp (which hopefully wont wear down like the one I bought from Argos many years ago :( )  
  • Big face, easy to look at without appearing rude in meetings!
  • Second hand so you can time yourself to-the-second! (Very useful for silly office challenges like holding your breathe on long work phonecalls)

    One weird point. The face has glow in the dark spots by each  'number' marker on the face, yet the hands do not glow in the dark.  This means if you are in the dark (camping lets say) and you wake up and want to know the time, you'll be able to see where the numbers are on the clock face...... you just wont be able to see WHERE THE HANDS ARE!! What on earth is the point in that?!

    By far the best point about this watch is the price. £35.  (Plus students get a discount at Oasis, and they are always having online promos).  You can check it out on the Oasis online website here! Or Check out there other amazing watches at affordable prices!

    Do you think watches are something you invest in, or just a fashion accessory throw away toy now-a-days?  What is the most you have paid for one?  Are you a Kors lover or hater?

    P.s. A peep at my handbag- maybe I'll show you what's in it one day!


    1. I absolutely love Michael Kors watches - how they're big and blocky, and look like men's watches, but still very classy and effeminate.

      x. jill
      those ghosts

    2. I used to buy a watch every year as my watch would stop or fall apart and I'd say, "Eh, it was only $20. I'll get another one." I finally got sick of spending that much money. I wanted a watch that was classic and would last a long time, especially since I can't live without my watch.

      Last year, I bit the bullet and bought a Fossil (Fossil BQ9371.) It's metal, like your's, but a lot different. It's made for men, but it's more of a woman's watch ironically. The face of my watch doesn't have any dings or any real scratches either which is really cool as I have banged that thing on desks, tables and god knows what else (I wear my watch with the face resting on the inside of my wrist. It helps stabilize my wrist when I write. That and the face is just a tiny bit big for my really super tiny wrist.)

      Just remember to clean your watch once in a while, especially since it's metal. I looked on the inside of my watch once and was grossed out. A forensic pathologist would have loved my watch though considering all the epithelial cells. *shudders* Must. Clean. Watch. More. Often.

    3. I love watches! I think it is important to have at least 1-2 'nicer' ones, like a Kors or a Marc Jacobs (my personal favorite), but I think outside of that you don't have to spend much to get a fun watch. I love having different options for different outfits!! xox

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