Friday, 28 October 2011

Caudalie Eau Demaquillante - Bioderma Credaline Dupe? + Offer

Recently I reviewed the cult beauty product Bioderma Crealine H2O and today I thought I would talk about another micellar water cleansing solution.  This one is by french brand Caudalie.

Caudalie's products are made using grape seed.  Grapes are very good for hydrating the body (and making wine ;) ).  More importantly Caudalie have banned parabens, artificial colours and mineral oils, and are against animal testing.

Eau Demaquillante is slim and tall, fitting in my cupboard perfectly.  The bottle is sturdy with a screw top (slightly better for traveling that Bioderma's flip top, which has potential for disaster- or being mistaken for a bottle of Evian!).  As you would expect, the liquid is clear and water like in consistancy, but as with Bioderma DO NOT DRINK!!

Unlike Bioderma this has an aroma, unsurprisingly of fresh leaves and ..urm..grapes.  It's not an over-powering smell, just a feint clean, fruity smell.

I apply this product to some cotton wool pads a sweep over the face and neck.  This is the second product I have been able to remove all eye makeup with.  I am very impressed.

It doesnt leave any residue, but does leave skin feeling refreshed and clean- sometimes a little tighter and brighter?  It is not an exact dupe to Bioderma Crealine as it contains a few more products, however I find it quite gentle on my skin and have had no reactions.

PLUS POINTS- this product is easier to purchase that Bioderma, due to some of the larger retailers picking it up.

MINUS POINTS: Bottle isn't as big as Bioderma.  200ml for £14.50 where as Bioderma is 500ml for around £10-£15

I purchased this from Boots for £14.50 and at the moment all Caudalie products are on a 3 for 2 deal.  This means you can save money and points at the same time.  Plus did you know you can order online at Boots and have it sent to your local store for free if you spend over £20 (they text you when it arrives- it's a great service which I have used on several occasions).  Alternatively delivery starts from £2.95 which is less that it would cost me for a bus ticket.

I have also picked up some Caudalie products from Zuneta and this week they are giving away a 30ml Caudalie body lotion with every Caudalie purchase.  I love a good offer, and free delivery makes things even more appealing!

I have some more Caudalie reviews coming up.  A friend went to France recently and picked me up some lovely gifts.

Other News:
E.L.F. have 20% off with the code PUMPKIN till 09:30 on 31/11/11 (Spend £10) 
BeautyBay still have their 10% off and free delivery as in my post from yesterday

French Connection have 20% off with the code STYLIST20

My illness turned out to be a virus, so I'm feeling rough and under doctor's orders to rest.  I've had to cancel all plans and ride it out.  I am rubbish at 'resting'!  Anyone have any 'pick me up' tips??!

Do you use cleansing waters?  Have you tried Caudalie?  How you you remove your makeup?


  1. Another frenchy goodies? :) I must admit I like Caudalie a lot.. I tried a few things from this brand but they convinced me.. And the smell - I like it too! Refreshing is the word, yes.
    have a nice weekend :*

  2. Refreshing is a good word :) I like French skincare as you certainly seem to know the science. Glad I'm not the only one liking Caudalie! You have a good weekend too :)xx

  3. i have used a couple of caudalie products and i really like them, would definitely try this :D

  4. this is a really great review! I've been trying to get bioderma for ages now but it's so hard to get a hold of. I'll deff pick this up next time I'm at boots! x

  5. Hi MissMathful I'd love to know what you think of this! Let me know when you review it! xx

    @Blog-a-beaute Thank you. Glad you found it useful. Worth a shot- or try the mini kit as it has a mini one of these in! xx

  6. I like this too, Decleor has the same kind but i m reacting slightly to it around the eyes, also Darphin has something like this but I havent tried it yet....
    And yeh Guoinot should have cleansing water too though its good for daily cleansing if you have used more makeup i find i have to use 2/3 cotton pads..........
    So i m looking for a cleansing melt, darphin have it but its about 80 euros in the shop so I m trying to find it cheaper or a dupe but it has to be a good skincare brand..


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