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Chanel Giveaway Winner: Illamasqua haul / Code

I was wondering why my Chanel winners hadn't contacted me.  Having just looked back it seemed to posts scheduler did not work.  I am so sorry!!  I thought no-one wanted the Chanel- how wrong could I be!

A lot of names went into the hat having left positive mantras/comments/tweets etc (such an uplifting post so take a look at the comments HERE)- and it took me a while to verify them as some people were a bit cheeky and didn't follow the rules (!) anyway, the two names picked at random using a spreadsheet and Random.org are............

75. Miss Mathful
115. Bambaki83

Congratumalations!!  Please send me an email using the title 'Chanel Giveaway' using the contact details on this page.  Please send me your postal address.  You have each won one Illunsion d'ombre shadow!

I have a couple of pieces by Illamasqua.  The brand has seemingly sprung up out of nowhere in the last couple of years.  Their style seems to be gothic inspired (and umm a few questionable names!).  I know I have blogged about ore pigment before- well I added to my collection while at The Clothes Show!

Just a small haul!

L-R Cream Blush, eyeshadow, pigment, 3 pencils.

Cream blush in Betray- notice the bubbling :(.  Below, pencil in cane/
 I haveheard really good things about Illamasqua's cream blush.  Unfortunately I picked up one which had bubbled.  I'm not sure if this is a fault or just my luck!  It comes out a lot softer than in the pan, so a real buildable colour.  The trick with cream blushes is to set them using a powder- I try to use a blush in  a similar colour, then a translucent powder.  Unlike some cream blushes I have tried, this is not overly sticky to apply- or once on the skin.  It provides me with gentle flushed look.

I wanted to make my eyes look brighter so I picked up the multipurpose pencil in cane, a sort of nude yellow.  I'll play around a bit with this and get back to you with my verdict!  I should be able to use it to neutralise dark circles, spot scars and make me look awake.  sounds heavenly!
Eyeshadow in Tango.  This has a lovely metalic hue.
This eyeshadow is a gorgeous coppery brown with metalic finish.  It does remind me a bit of a slightly darker MAC Mythology- however you get 2g to MAC's 1.5g.  Perfect to frame blue or brown eyes!

I also picked up another pigment in Fervent, a mid brown pigment with finely milled irreidescent and copper shimmer.  A prefect addition for a frosty winter look, or to blend in with Tango eyeshadow.  I normally try to use a cream base when using pigments.  It helps to set the powders, although sometimes I will just apply straight over my Urban Decay Primer Potion, before it has set.  If I want to pack lots of pigment on, then I use good ol' Vasiline!

The last two purchases were two more multipurpose pencils in Feisty (a blue tones bright red for a vintage lip) and Adament (a smokey grey for a softer eye).

Swatches L-R
Cream Blush in Betray £16.50
Eyeshadow in Tango £15.50
Pigment in Fervent £15.50
Medium Pencils in 

Lucky for all of you, you can get 15% off if you shop online at Illamasqua using the code FRIEND15 or TREAT15.

Alternatively if you are quick Debenhams have huge discounts of 10-40% off at the moment.  Worth a look!

 Do you have any Illamasqua products?  What do you think of the quality?  Have you ever known products to bubble like my cream blush?  What do you think of Illamasqua's collection?

P.s. Don't forget to enter some of my Christmas giveaways!  Some have only one or two entrants so you have a big chance of winning!  Just click the 'Giveaways' tab at the top of this page!


  1. bloggers always rave about illamasqua but i've never tried anything from them to be honest. only the fragrance that come in last months glossy box. i really must go any pick up some bits and pieces to try out! their campaign pictures are always amazing!

    Rosie xoxo #CGCG

  2. Congrats to the winners! #CGCG

  3. Hi Rosie- I agree, their photos are quite striking! I can recommend a few things- though there are some good deals about. xx

    Hi Olga- that's sweet of you! xx

  4. I only have Illamasqua nail polishes and they apply beautifully. The only time I've ever had bubbling is when the weather drastically changed in a day (happens a lot here in the great Northern Midwest) or if they were shaken and not stirred. Do NOT shake Illamasqua varnishes to mix everything if they've been sitting unused for a while; stir them by rubbing the bottle between your palms back and forth (if that makes sense.) Shaking it vertically creates bubbling in any polish though.

    Their polishes really are amazing; they have one of the best formulas I've ever used. I love Phallic and Rampage the most; honestly, I tend to wear the two together to be a bit juvenile. Baptiste and Muse are also great colors. I ran out of Rampage a few months ago actually, and I keep forgetting to order more from Sephora! It's so gorgeous, but I keep spending my money elsewhere (um, can you say butter LONDON, China Glaze and Benefit? Yep, that's where my money's been going!)

    I honestly think the blush is a "one-in-a-million" production error. You should take it back and get a new one. Illamasqua's customer service, from what I've heard, is top notch.

  5. Hi Katie- thanks for the tip on Nail polish! Good to know. I dont have any of their polishes, but some of them look amazing! I have heard that keeping nail polish in the fridge helps it to last longer! I havent tried any butter london polishes, but keep hearing tose are good too!

    I've asked Illamasqua so will see what they say :) Hope you are well xx

  6. It depends where you live. I find that putting them in the fridge thickens up the polish quicker and I tend to thin them out more quickly than I do if I keep them where I normally do (under a coffee table, that acts as a footboard for my bed although it's much too low, in storage bins.) I find that if I roll them between the palms of my hands every once in a while, I don't have to thin them for a year or two.

    Different polishes have different thickening times. They never really go bad; they just thicken up and need thinning! For example, Phallic will probably need to be thinned next time I use it because I haven't used it in a year. I only thin when I notice that it isn't behaving as it normally does or the polish is really thick (Is it thicker than normal? Is it really goopy?) I only add a drop at a time. Some people are thinner happy. As an artist, I am way too picky about formula!

  7. I have an Illamasqua nail varnish and it's pretty cool. Not the best, but not bad. Usually when there are that type of bubbles -different coloured ones- it means that something (maybe yeast, maybe bacteria, do google for images) is growing on your cosmetics :S . Or that its formula had excess oil which came out in droplets.


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