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Real Techniques Blush Brush and Shading Brush

I spotted these in Boots a few weeks back and snapped them up quickly.  The range had pretty much sold out in that store, which is a good sign.  Unless you have been under a rock then you will have come across the Pixiwoo sisters on youtube and the blogosphere (and many other places).  Sisters Sam and Nic Chapman are distinguished makeup artists who set up a youtube chanel while Sam was on maternity leave.  The chanel (and blog grew) and before they knew it the word was watching!
Tip: These packets make a great cheap travel case for your brushes.

Real Techniques is Sam's brush range.  I think this was her project as Nic was pregnant and resting.  Of course all the online beauty geeks (*ahem*) have been snapping these up, but the fact Boots had empty shelves shows that the public must be picking these up too!  I have to say that even if I wasn't in the beauty field, I would have picked these up.  I was quite impressed with the overall packaging, price and design.
The coloured handle denotes the type of brush! Pink = Finishing.

Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99 (link) (0)1407

"Hand-cut to contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high definition results'.

Incredibly soft, like a cat's paw (minus the claws)!  The tapered edge manages to pick up enough blush powder with on sweep and distribute it in a natural looking, blended sweep.  I have pictured it next to one of my most used brushes, the ELF Studio Blush Brush (£3.99 link).  As you can see RT is bigger and with more of a gradient.  I have also used this will setting powder and my No.7 Floral Brights Highlighter (review coming)!
Purple handle for eye brushes

Real Techniques Shading Brush £7.99 (link!) (0)1404

'From subtle to dramatic, my essential shading brush is hand-cut to create flawless high definition results'

Another soft brush.  As you can see, it sits between my GOSH eye shadow brush (review) and my smashbox artist's brush.  Although it is marketed for eye shadow, I have used this with concealer, liquid primer and highlighter.  It takes to liquidy/cream products quite well.

Overall I like the fact that these are man-made soft fibers instead of animal fur.  I have washed them a few times and not experienced any shedding- obviously the key test is to use and wash them for a year but I cant wait that long to share these with you!!  So far they haven't stained but I will expect the whiter fibers to get a bit tired looking over time.  The brushes come with a website link to demonstration videos which I think is a cool idea.

I heard rumours that these brushes are made by the same company as eco-tools, although I am not sure if this is 100% confirmed.  These brushes fall mid price range for me.  I have found cheaper ones, but have found most (not all) generally shed or become coarse after a few washes.  Plus I know Sam has designed these and made them with years of hands on experience, rather than just adding her name to a product.

The only downside I have found with these brushes is that the metal runs 3/4 the way down the handle.  Although this isn't bad within it's self (it makes cleaning them easy), I have found this a tiny bit slippy in my hands if my skin is dry.  I would have preferred the rubber grip ran a bit further down the brush.  It's not a huge problem but just something I would have have preferred if there was a choice.

If you want to read more about Real Techniques or find your nearest stockist, please visit or the Pixiwoo blog page for stockist.  They do a full range of essential, versatile brushes and even do starter kits for around £20.  A great investment.

Do you have any Real Techniques brushes?  Would you consider purchasing any?  What brands of brush do you like using?

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  1. I love the RT brushes that I've tried so far - my favourites are the blush bruhs, stippling brush and the buffing brush - you should definitely check those ones too.x

    1. I actually went in specifically for the stippling brush.... and came out with these. The stippling and buffing ones had sold out completely! Next time.... xx

  2. Desperate to get some of these brushes but as you said, Boots have sold out! *waitspatiently*

    Great blog! :)

    1. I'm sure they will get more stock shortly, its just annoying when you go to buy something at it isnt there!! I wanted a stippling brush... sold out :/xx

  3. I had and adored the stippling brush till I washed it and it completely fell apart gutted! I have contacted real techniques had no reply :( x

    1. Oh no. I haven't heard of any other RT brushes falling apart so hopefully it's just a one off. Every has off days! When you washed it did you let the water come in contact with the glue in the handle? That can sometimes cause problems :/ Contact them again as sometimes emails can fail to arrive :( Let me know how you get on xx

  4. So the shading Brush is good for concealer? I´m on the hunt for a good concealer brush which is easy to clean.

    1. I find it good. I used it with my mac studio sculpt concealer (although I hear they are pulling it :( ) or my liquid Aveda one (which is quite thick). I have had no problems with cleaning it either :) Let me know what you get? xx


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