Wednesday, 27 June 2012

5 Most Used Lipsticks!

So I am back and now sitting at my computer- which has been a rare thing recently.  I enjoy blogging a lot, but these past few weeks travel and work has really taken over.  Contrary to popular belief, very few bloggers earn their living purely from blogging- so we do have to work!  Yes I know I have a giveaway winner to announce- just be patient a little while longer! I have picked the winner and it will be in my next post!  Thanks for the lovely emails over the past few weeks- I really appreciate them :) it reminds me why I blog.

I thought I would share with you my Top 5 lipsticks.  I have to admit this was written a couple of months ago but the choices are still ones I reach for so I thought I would post it anyway!  Yes smartypants, I know the photo has 6!  Yes I can count and all will be revealed!  I am a fickle commit-a-phobe person so these lipsticks are not really my all time favourties.  They might not even last the year, but they are all in my 'most used' easy reach basket right now.  So I am dipping my toe in the water and calling them my favourites.  Gosh that's a little scary!  I have committed!!

L-R In no particular order.

MAC Patisserie £13.50 (link!)
A lovely 'my lips but better shade.  It has the trademark love it or loath it MAC vanilla scent.  It glides on easily leaving a lustre finish.  Unlike MAC's cremesheen lipsticks, I have never had a lustre one melt.  It's the perfect 'no makeup' shade for me and a staple in my collection.  As it is fairly in-offensive I feel I can wear this with a darker statement evening eye, as well as simple daytime products.

Estee Lauder Nude Velvet Matte (LE £18-20 approx)
A luxurious matte lipstick without being too drying or complexion draining.  As I have pale skin, there is a fine line between wearable nude lips, and concealer lips/zombie look makeup.  This is the 6th lipstick in my Top 5 as it is/was a Limited Edition product with EL Modern Mercury collection in Autumn 2011.  Don't regret purchasing it, however it will be hard to source for a backup.  If you like the look then check out Ebay periodically and snap it up quickly!  I wanted to include it, but felt bad about included a LE product!

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Pinkberry (£18.50) (Link!)
An EL product, which isn't LE! Another 'my lips but better' shade, but with less fragrance than the MAC one mentioned earlier.  I find this a little more gloss like.  I think the one in this shot was a gift with purchase.  I love this shade but it does seem to go out of stock quickly in my local so I stockpile them!  However if you compare my swatch below to the picture on the link website you'll see why I prefer blogs!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strauss Lipstick in Rouge Broderie £22 (link!)
I was at the counter and the sales assistant asked if she could try something brighter on me.  This was out of my comfort zone but I am so glad.  I thought I would only wear this at night, but it is very wearable in the daylight (and if too bright, can be applied as a 'stain').  It has a lovely delicate pinky shimmer and lasts well.  Worth a look!  Can be worn with a daytime eye or a darker evening eye.
L-R Mac Patisserie, Estee Lauder Nude Velvet, Estee Lauder Pinkberry, Guerlain Rouge Broderie, Clinique Graped Up, Max Factor Mulberry.

Clinique Chubby stick in Graped Up £16 (link!)
Longtime readers of my blog/twitter will know how much I reach for this!  Its sort of lipstick-balm hybrid.  Moisturising but with the colour of lipstick.  Foolproof to apply and this browny nude has a bluey iridescent undertone and helps make my teeth look a little whiter.  Bonus.  Again the website swatch makes it look darker than it is in real life.  I still need to check out the new shades of these!

Max Factor Colour Elixir in Mulberry £7.99 (link!)
Probably the closet thing I'll get to a 'Mulberry' at the moment!    Has a similar finish to the Guerlain lipstick but this colour is slightly darker (and it's cheaper).  A very moisturising lipstick, which is something I look for as I get dry lips.  This one is definitely more of an evening out lipstick for me!  (Last November I took part in a Max Factor challenge to create 7 looks in 7 days with this lipstick, if you want to see what I look like then click HERE (link to (P.s. Just noticed Boots have a free gift when you spend £15 on Max Factor- that means buy 2 lipsticks and get a gift!  Well it has just passed the 'alternative' Christmas June 25th.  Excuse for a treat?!)

So there are some of my current most used lipstick.  I think I probably play it quite safe, but I don't like to draw too much attention to my mouth.  Do you use any of these lipsticks?  Can you recommend any for me?  Are my choices boring??  What lipsticks do you like to use?

Disclaimer: All purchased by me apart from Max Factor lipstick which was sent for consideration.  All views are my own.


  1. Good to see you back Emma. Some good product suggestions there, particularly the first MAC one - will have to try that one out.

    Hope you're well lovely xxx

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks you! Good to be back and have some time for myself!!It's a good lippie :) Hope you are well xx

  2. Yay, you're back! I don't have the ones you're showing here, but I really want to try the MAC and the Clinique ones. I usually mix some pout paints by Sleek and get my own unique colour of the day. It's really fun :)
    Have a happy day!

    1. Thanks Ria! Ooo I havent tried the sleek pout paints but that sounds like a cool idea! Hope you are well! xx

  3. Oh the mulberry one looks great

    1. Hi Gaelle- it is really pretty. I think it would suit you- worth looking out for! xx


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