Friday, 1 June 2012

Melvita Micellar toner (Bioderma dupe?)

I have blogged before about micellar waters- in particular the cult Bioderma H2O Crealine, and Caudalie.  They are makeup removing cleansing water.  Well sticking with French Skincare brands I though I would introduce you to Melvita.
I think I like French Skincare...

Melvita are a sister brand of L'occitane, and have similar ethics regarding the manufacture, ingredients and testing of their products.  They aim to stick to organic produce while helping farmers and the environment.  Last year I was able to visit their new shop in St Martin's Courtyard, London, as an undercover customer.  I was really pleased with what I saw.  Not only is the shop location a haven, but the staff were really helpful and friendly, not at all pushy.  They listened to me, gave me space and chatted through various tips and tricks when I asked.  This is the sort of shopping experience I love (take note Inglot!).

Skip forward several months and Melvita got int ouch and offered me some products to try.  As always I trial a product thoroughly and then decide if it gets mentioned.  Because I have purchased Melvita with my own money and tried things out, I accepted the invitation to try a few other things.

I use this micellar water as a pre-cleanse.  Just pour it onto some cotton wool pads and swipe over the face.  It is GREAT at getting eye makeup off (mascara, eyeliner, shadow, false lashes- the lot!).  I used to wake up with panda eyes in the morning until I started using Micellar waters.  Just soak a cotton wool pad and then hold over the eyelid for 30-60 seconds.  Don't rub it in, just let the waters saturate the skin and do their thing!  I will then normally try to do a deeper cleanse with my clarisonic- but not always.

This product is also great in this hot weather as a way to freshen up- or great to sweep over the face after the gym.

This product is not quite the same as the Bioderma/Caudalie alternatives- but close.  Melvita has a very gentle rose scent which I really like- plus the packaging is recyclable.  If you struggle to find Bioderma in the UK then why not try this?  It retails at £15 for 200ml, is ethically and environmentally conscious plus it works.  Website link (Here!)

Do you use cleanser/toner waters?  How do you remove eye-makeup?  Have you tried this product or Melvita?


  1. Sounds great, love the sound of the Melvita product. Hope you're well Emma xx

  2. Very nice, visit my blog, we can follow each others :)

  3. Yes it is! I would love to buy Melvita product for sure..


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