Thursday, 9 August 2012

Italy & Haul

So I'm back from the land of sunshine (Italy) to the land of rain (England)!  I had an amazing time.  Managed to visit quite a few places on downtime.  The one downside about traveling places on your own is that no-one takes pictures of you!  You can ask random strangers but I always think they will run off with my camera!  So here is one shot I took myself, at a weird angle that makes me have a double chin- oh and it was 37 degrees so my makeup has melted off!  I'm sure you all know what that landmark is behind me!

So hot! Guess where I am?!
 So might as well do a run down of my FOTD!
  • Sunglasses Anna Sui Brown AS820. They have a cute butterfly on the side (link)
  • White top: French connection old season (similar here although Ebay has a few too)
  • Vest Top: Forever21 (Link).  Great for longer bodies who dont wish to show their belly!  And cheap too £2.50.  More coming up on my other blog!
  • Bag: You can just see the strap.  It's a great airplane bag by Brantano.  Reduced in the sale to £9.  4 zip outer pockets, 3 inner pockets, zip top to protect from pickpockets plus a strap that will go across the body or just over one shoulder (so great to help avoid back pain).  Plus the design is retro surf chick cool! (Link)
So what did I buy?

  • Two silk and wool scarves from the market in Florence.  These will really brighten up the dark winter!  Hot magenta pink and bright turquoise!  I bartered and they cost me around £10 each!
  • Two bottles of Bioderma.  We can't get this in the UK easily.  If you are in Italy go into a pharmacy and ask for this.  They normally keep it out the back and, unlike UK chemists, you have to ask for most things rather than help yourself and take it to the till. I think these cost around £10 each bottle, but absolutely worth it!  See my previous post (Here).
  • Weleda body lotion.  I needed a moisturiser and picked this up in a chemist.  I dont think this has hit the UK yet so I will post on it separately.
  • Rosary bracelet.  I'm not catholic though I am a spiritual person.  I saw this in the shop under the Duomo in Florence and had to get it.  It's wooden ovals with pictures of the saint on it- and the pope!!  It was around £2.  I love wooden jewelry, and I like how different this is to most the stuff we have in the UK.  I wont necessarily use it to pray to each saint (as I dont know who half of the pictures are of) but it will remind me of a beautiful place and achieving a personal goal.
Bracelet :)
I looked at lots of other things (including makeup) but couldnt really settle on anything.  I visited Kiko and Sephora and while there were some bargains, I had to think about luggage space and nothing really grabbed me.  I settled for some food and limoncello to bring back home as gifts, and treated myself to the things above.
The mother ship!

I have taken pictures of some travel essentials and what makeup I took but I will save those for other posts.

In other news Computergirl's Musings is THREE! Time flies!  Of course I have some extra special giveaways to help celebrate over 1000 days of CM, many friends and lots of fun!

Are you going away this summer?  What is your favourite holiday purchase?


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip, I love visiting Sephora in Europe! I'm the same when travelling alone - I'm too scared to ask people to take my photo but always bemoan my lack of photos of me when I return. x

    1. I don't know why we don't have one in the UK! I tried to look for people to take photos but they all looked busy or scary!! xx

  2. I loved Tuscany when I was there but agree SO hot! x

    1. It's beautiful. Managed to see at lot but very hot and impossible to go out during the early afternoon! xx

  3. Looks like you had an ace time, and well done you for going on your own - I'd never be brave enough to do that! xx

    1. It was tiring because I was always watching my bags, double checking roads etc where as you tend to relax a bit if you are with someone. Was great fun though! xx

  4. hi Emma, I'm glad you had a great time in Italy, its truly breathtaking. I'd love to see more pics! I was on the other side of the Adriatic sea :) Nice haul, cant wait to read your upcoming reviews

    1. Hi Melita, I thought about popping over to Croatia at the end but I couldnt really get the time off work. Plus it was an extra flight or the ferry from Venice (and Venice mid summer is a bit busy!) I'll try to dig out some more pictures! Croatia is very beautiful too though xx


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