Friday, 26 October 2012

Exciting news!

Just a small post to let you know about my other beauty blog.  It's fairly new, but if it's your sort of thing then give it a follow on blogger/blogloving/twitter.  The Beauty Hack is a place for tips, tricks, steals, coupons, beauty blog giveaways, money and time saving ideas- all related to beauty of course!
I'm also on twitter @thebeautyhack where I will try to retweet giveaways, competitions, freebees, discount codes and posts of course.  Computergirl's Musings will still continue, I just found I was getting too many good things and they would overload this blog- so if you are a bargain seeker, craft lover or just a beauty obsessive, then check out

I have a wonderful Boots code and discount to post later today so stay tuned :)

P.s. Dont forget my Mac/Chanel question giveaway!!


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